My Epic journey to badassery

How I went from Summer Camp, to corporate robot, to blue-haired wonderwoman of the web!

Once upon a time...

I dreamed of being a warrior princess

For real. It second grade, for our career dress up day – while all the other kids dressed as doctors, vets and firemen – I dressed up as Xena, Warrior Princess. Today, I’d like to believe that some vertion of that little girl would be proud of me, donning my blue hair, self confidence and the ability to sword fight, should the need ever arise.

My “all-grown-up” version of being a warrior princess is helping other warriors change the world by helping them reach more of it and send out their message. 

It takes great bravery to start your own business

I was 23 years old when I decided to leave the nest of stable paychecks and company benefits to begin my own journey in the big wide world. 

I had been working as the Marketing Manager at the most amazing Summer Camp. In 4 years of working my way up from a camp counselor, I had finally paid off my student loans and was debt free!

I felt like I could take on the world, so off I went. I left my company-perk beach house for a big-city bachelor flat, armed with one or two clients that I had been catering to in my after-hours side hustle.

But here's the thing... Nobody tells you how f%cking hard it is to keep those clients flowing and do everything yourself!

Fast forward 6 months

I couldn't afford a roll of 1 ply toilet paper!

As I lay crying myself to sleep, I wondered how I had got here. A beautiful friend showed up, like an angel, bringing me a bag of toilet paper and good and I had never been so grateful to see a pack of lentils in my life. I knew I was going something wrong, but I didn’t know what it was.

It took another kind soul believing in me to pay for my first 6 months of business coaching. And then the game completely changed…

I learned the best business lesson ever...

focus on your happy genius

As business owners, we take on so many roles to make things work. We become the CEO, the receptionist, bookkeeper, sales manager, production crew, our own (generally useless) HR department and sometimes even the janitor too! It’s exhausting.

While there is no way to completely avoid all of these roles, I did learn the importance of delegation and focusing on your flow of happiness and what brings you joy, from Roger Hamilton.

Once I had used what Roger had taught me to build a structure that worked for me, my business took a massive turn. All of a sudden, I was working with massive clients, like Cannes International Film Festival and I upgraded my one bedroom prison of misery to a 3 bedroom home… with 2 ply toilet paper!

roger hamilton

Business-suit Storm, before I found my happy place…