Nobody wants to see your Facebook posts! Here’s why…

Who likes getting unsolicited “flesh banana” pics?

Seriously… there is nothing worse than picking up your phone, checking a message and BAM!!!
Wobbly man junk! In your face!
It’s gross… and offensive.

So… WHYYYYYY do you keep doing this to your Facebook page followers?

And then you want them to be excited about following your page?

Okay, so you might not literally be posting dick pics.
Fair enough.
But posting hard sales posts is pretty much the same thing.

You have to understand that Facebook land and human land are pretty much the same thing…

If I am checking my messages, it is because I want to make plans with friends, check on family or chat to my bestie.
If I open my messages and have a veiny man-skewer taking up my screen, I am immediately not having a good time.
In fact, somebody’s going to get blocked… OOOORRRR receive a picture of my next timber load in the toilet bowl, because clearly we’re just sending pictures of things that make each other uncomfortable?
(I’m classy like that)

Facebook users are also in a social mentality.

They’re not there to buy sh*t. They’re there to check on friends, update their status, post some pictures, stalk their exes and maybe even check out what the latest news is.

If I am not in a sex mentality, don’t show me your one-eyed rattlesnake!
If I am not in a buying mentality, don’t try sell me shit that I don’t need.
Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?
Yet, so many businesses are doing this.
There’s no depth to their Facebook posts and they don’t offer any REAL value to their followers, which means they are incapable of cultivating any form of long-term relationship with them.

If your Facebook page is not offering any value in your posts, you’re just another dick-pic-sender.

Stop trying to sell, every chance you get, or you will never be anything more than a potential booty call for your followers, when they are bored or desperate.

Have you just realized that you are one of “those” guys?

Don’t worry… let’s fix it?

So… from now on, you’re going to use the 80/20 rule, okay?
This means that you have to post four posts that DON’T SELL ANYTHING before you can post a single post for promoting a product or service.

Give out some free tips, start a conversation or even rant about bitch-ass clients.
I promise, you will LOVE what this does for your Facebook page engagement.
And your followers will like you better too 

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