The best review I have EVER received… EVER!

So, last night, I was trolling the interwebs and found this…
Holy mother of all things vodka!
THIS is hands down the BEST review I could ever have asked for ❤️

I have totally been Facebook stalking Holisticlea and it’s been great to see her taking little actionable steps, as she learns.

This badass review made my week and I am currently prancing around my house, in my fluffy slippers, eyes still half closed, but spinning in little pirouettes with this review in hand 🤗

Thank you Leandri!
I am speechless!

The review:

For a long time I have been interested in the Social Media and online marketing world.
I came to realize how important this aspect of a business would be if a business was going to succeed in this day and age. And I really wanted to figure out how to effectively use these platforms to be of better help and value to others frequenting these spaces.

My interest sparked when I Googled a few “How to videos” related to marketing on Facebook and was directed to some YouTube videos of popular and brilliant online marketers.
I realized that there is way more to online marketing than the average me understood. So my journey began.

I started doing every free online marketing course I could lay my hands on and because I realized that there were even more to it than the online gurus were willing to give away for free, I started spending any extra money on some courses. I even attended a Social Media marketing course in Cape Town all those years ago.
I soon realized that even the courses that were affordable to me was just an advert. These guru’s would teach a heck of a lot of valuable content, BUT still wasn’t giving away the recipe to the secret sauce.
NOOO, to get that you would have to pay a further and usually substantially larger amount. The search to the secret sauce of social media marketing continued.

Every social media marketing guru promised to have juicier info than the other. I kept reading, downloading work sheet after work sheet, watching videos and listening to podcasts. Still no secret sauce. Until one day! I was about to take out a huge loan, because one very convincing digital marketing guru was promising the real thing! He was so convincing, and by the end of his course you would have your very own Social Media Marketing business that earned you good figures.

Luckily my husband was a reasoning voice and thank-goodness I am one of those old fashioned ladies who talk things over with my husband before making big decisions. And upon consideration and long discussions, it was decided that it was not to be.

At times I couldn’t help but wonder if the decision to not persue this was a mistake.

But not too long after that I started seeing the name of a local lady pop up. She claimed to be yet another one of these gurus and I couldn’t help but feel a little hopeful that a person in my own town could be the one that might teach me what I need to know. But at the same time I felt a little skeptical, because what can a small town person really know!?
I signed up for her news letter anyway, which came consistently and often packed with valuable free information and often had a surprise element of her courses at really good discounts.
I took up her discounted one on one online consultation via Zoom, took her free, in person, email marketing training and really felt that Storm Steen showed up in a great way and was giving great value each and every time.

I had my eye and savings on her Facebook Marketing Master Class, so when her Facebook Online Master Class went online at a hugely discounted price for Covid 19 lock-down, I didn’t hesitate to sign up. And I don’t regret it one bit!

I am not completely done with the course because lock down life with kids can get crazy. But I have already learnt more than I have ever learnt from any of the kazillian free and paid courses. I look forward to putting into practice what I have already learnt and to finish the course so that I can be a more helpful human on the world of interwebs.

I can highly recommend this course and no doubt you will find such great value in this course.

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