What's your BOSS VISION?

There are waaay too many "get rich quick" schemes out there that will try and sell you on products that are 99% NOT going to work for you!

It's a sad truth, but the world is filled with fucknuts in business suits that make their money by taking advantage of dreamers, like us. I even bought into a few of these, when I was a business fledgling. I once paid R20k - Yes, TWENTY THOUSAND RAND!!! - to sit with "the world's number 1 wealth coach" for FIFTEEN FUCKING MINUTES! And what did I learn? Other than the fact that he was a great salesman and a rude, arrogant twat? I learned nothing... He sat on his phone the whole time, going "Ahah... Mmm" and then told me to change my company name to something stupid.

The truth is, there are no shortcuts to building your own boss life, as an entrepreneur. Anyone who tells you that there otherwise is a big fat smelly LIAR. I learned this the hard way. What you can do is learn from your mistakes and soak in every bit of knowledge from REAL people who have done it before. And THAT is what Boss Vision retreats are for.

Learn from real people who have been there, done that, got the black eyes and then have gone back and done it right for the T-shirt.. Accelerate your dreams with these kickass business growth retreats, built especially for small businesses, freelancers and startups.

What makes these retreats so legit?

The hustle is real! And there is no course you can take to help you understand it.
Boss Vision Retreats make you LIVE the hustle!

What is included in the price?

✔ Five day intensive program leading to specialized business experience

✔ Accommodation for 5D/6N.

✔ All meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner)

✔ Entertainment and wellness activities

✔ Airport transfers from nearest airport


Please note that all retreats have been canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We will be rescheduling more epic retreats as soon as things clear up. We do apologize for any inconvenience.