You have the balls to start your own business... Now what?

So you quit your job and decided to do what you love or you WANT to quit your job and do what you love, but you don't know how to really start? Then this is for you...

The most difficult part of any business is getting it off the ground. I remember crying myself to sleep when I started my first company, because the adrenaline high had worn off and I realized that it wasn't enough to just be good at what you are doing. I learned hard and fast that if I wanted to afford 2 ply toilet paper and not starve to death, something had to change. If only there were a course or retreat like this one, when I was starting out, I could have spent a lot less time in a 1 bedroom flat and a lot more time WHEREVER I WANTED...

Next STARTUP BOOTCAMP retreat dates:

8-14 March 2020

Who is this for?

Will it work for me?

This program was built for the dreamers! For the rebels and the risk takers that want to make their own rules. If you have the balls to leave the 9-5 behind and work for yourself, this is for you!
Whether you want to sell your own crafts or offer your knowledge through consultations, EVERYTHING in this intensive retreat is going to help get you to where you need to be. Whether it's marketing skills, a new website, brand definition or even just the opportunity to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, the benefits of this course will be nothing short of transformational!

Included in this retreat:

✔ Accommodation for 5D/6N (valued at R7 500)
✔ Branding workshop (valued at R1 250)
✔ Logo design (valued at R2 500)
✔ Business card design and printing (valued at R1 500)
✔ Website setup and training (valued at R5 000)
✔ 1 year FREE domain and hosting (valued at R1 500)
✔ Facebook marketing training (valued at R2 500)
✔ Product marketing and development training (valued at R2 500)
✔ 3 x monthly follow up consultation calls (valued at R3 750)
✔ Lifetime membership to BOSSVISION Masterminds group
✔ Cheat sheets, workbooks and editable templates
✔ All meals (breakfast, lunch and supper)
✔ Wellness and leisure activities
✔ Airport transfer from Port Elizabeth Airport

Total value > R30 000

You get it ALL for only R19 299

Can't spend a week without your loved one?

Bring them with you! They can sleep, eat and play with you, as long as they know that work time is REALLY work time...
Your significant other can share a private room with you, enjoy all the same tasty meals and accompany you on leisure and wellness activities for an additional charge of only R8 000.
Regret no children.

Where is the next retreat?

St Francis Bay - Eastern Cape

St Francis Bay marks the gateway to South Africa's Garden Route, boasting endless coastlines of beaches and fynbos. The picturesque white houses maintain an elegant beach-town feel while the surrounding canals, ocean and nature offer a rush to the adventurous spirit.

Basically, all you need to bring is your laptop and your game face!

Here's a rough idea of what we will be doing...

Arrival - Sunday
✔ Arrive at accommodation by 4pm
✔ Cocktails on arrival
✔ Orientation
✔ Ice-breakers
Day 1 - Monday
✔ Optional morning activity
✔ Branding
✔ Target Market
✔ Product marketing and development
✔ Vision Board workshop
Day 2 - Tuesday
✔ Optional morning activity
✔ Facebook marketing
✔ Logo consultations
✔ Sightseeing
✔ Chokka Demonstration
Day 3 - Wednesday
✔ Optional morning activity
✔ Product marketing and development
✔ Sushi making class
✔ Search Engine Optimization
✔ Beer & gin tasting and supper at St Francis Brewing Company
Day 4 - Thursday
✔ Optional morning activity
✔ Logo reveals
✔ Optional cruise
✔ Website setup and training
Day 5 - Friday
✔ Optional morning activity
✔ Recap session
✔ Chocoholix experience
✔ Brand reveal ceremony
Departing Day - Saturday
✔ Business cards received
✔ Farewell to all our new friends!


Epic retreats coming soon!