Facebook’s being a bitch again…

Facebook’s being a bitch again…But also not.Let me explain: So, last week, I was sitting with a client in a Facebook training consultation.While trying to explain to her the importance of scheduling posts for better performance, I noticed that her page wouldn’t let me schedule posts directly from the home page. “There’s something wrong with […]

Speed of implementation defines your rate of success

Why are champagne breakfasts not more of a regular thing?I would totally be okay with being one on “those” women.Especially on Mondays!Maybe we should start a movement? Speaking of movement…One of the best “mottos” that was ever handed down to me, by a mentor, is: “Speed of implementation defines your rate of success” And I […]

Practice safe (marketing) sex with royalty free images

Marketing is sort of like sex…If you do it the wrong way or with the wrong people, the consequences can be pretty severe. Right now, you’re probably thinking “What is this crazy chick on about?”, right? Let me paint the picture for you (because you KNOW I love using awkward analogies): Google images are NOT free… So, […]

5 Marketing Lessons Your Business Can Learn From Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones in one of the most successful entertainment entities in the world and has been all the rage, since it first started airing in April 2011. Its social media audience on the major platforms is over 23 million, which trumps the competition: megahits Breaking Bad and Mad Men have combined audiences of 12 […]

If Facebook were your Mother In-Law

Have you ever imagined Facebook as a person? Facebook is like the mother in-law that you have to grin and bear because you know she’s going to help with that dream house that you and your spouse are planning on. Your spouse, in this scenario, is your business. Facebook is complicated and can seem intimidating, […]