Un-Suck you Branding for Entrepreneurs

Step 1 to un-sucking your online presence and getting the response you are looking for (because now people will understand what the hell you're on about)

Have you ever found a service on Facebook and thought, “this is totally not the message I was getting from their page”?

It happens all too often that companies f*** up their branding because they do things for the wrong reason. Just because you like the colour red, it doesn't mean it should be the main colour of your kiddies brand, Brenda!

Your brand will establish how social social media users will see and relate to your business. Your brand must stay constant across all platforms or it will create confusion. Users will lose interest, trust and the opportunity to convert them into returning clients will disappear.

Not branding your small business correctly can kill it, in a very short space in time. Because most small businesses can't afford to pay thousands of rands for the help they need, I have put all the information you need into this simple guide.

Like I said, I could easily charge a good couple of thousand for this information, but I believe in businesses like yours, so I want to help. So, I tell you what...

I am going to give you this guide as a FREE GIFT, when you sign up to receive my love letters on all things interweb.

Whay do you say?