UnSuck your Facebook

An easy-to-follow online course to guide you through the best performing Facebook page hacks and management for your business

Does Facebook scare the crap out of you?
Are you tired of spending stupid amounts of money on Facebook ads with no return on investment?
You know you need Facebook for your business, but you have no idea where to start?
Well, here it is...

Next course starts 21 October!


Learn how to set up your business Facebook page for success and manage it for the best possible performance for your business in just 18 days!

Receive daily lessons, to your inbox, with step-by-step instructions to steadily build a power-house Facebook business strategy that converts visitors into customers in just 1 hour a day! 

You will learn:


  • Target Audience

  • Branding

  • Goals & Objectives


  • Setting up

  • Facebook page anatomy

  • Call to action


  • Do’s and don’ts

  • Content creation

  • When and what to post


  • Getting the reach

  • Monitoring your progress

  • Facebook ads

All of this knowledge could easily go for up to R25 000! In fact, over the years that it has taken me to learn all of this, all the training I have bought and the tedious hit-and-miss trials that I have gone through to pinpoint what actually works and what is just a load of bullshit, this information is worth tens of thousands of rands!

I know all too well what starting a business is like. It's scary as shit! And expensive... after forking out for branding, printing, a website, registration and all the other things that come with a startup, R25 000 for Facebook Training hurts. It hurts a lot...

So, I tell you what...

You are going to do more harm than good, paying Joe, around the corner, a small fee to manage your Facebook page for you. Chances are, Joe actually has no clue what he is doing and is bloody useless at keeping up to date with scheduled posts, Facebook algorithms and the recipe for the best performing content on Facebook.
Paying my team upwards of R5k a month to manage your page is  going to get you results, but why spend R60k a year when you can learn to do it yourself, right now?

I am going to save you all that wasted time and money and give you this 18 day online guide for only


That's a steal!
That means, just in the first 12 months, if you follow every step, you will be saving over R58 000!

What do you say?