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Creating big brands for small businesses

If your branding and online presence sucks, our team of creative interweb gangsters can help!

We live, breathe, eat and sleep all things digital, so you can trust us as your online muscle.
In fact, if it makes you feel any better, we’ll even speak in a Russian accent, while you call us Borris.
“Your competitors? We make them sleep with fishes. Nobody will ever find them”
See? It could work? Who votes we rebrand to “Maffia Marketing?


Communicate with your audience so that they listen – before you even meet them! Starting with Brand strategy and design direction, our team takes a deep dive into your business to deliver brand guides, target audience analysis and even offers DIY branding consultations.


We love building kickass websites and taking our clients on the journey with us. From design to development, we offer all the bells and whistles. Need copywriting? SEO? Landing pages? Lead generation? Our team of online gangsters has got your back!

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What do you need?

  • Company naming and tagline service
  • Brand strategy and design direction
  • Logo design
  • Brand activation pieces
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Private online training sessions

Let’s set a date and make it happen? (Ooh la la)

– We’ll guide you, step-by-step, through your entire brand development

Our creative process

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Frequently asked questions

After your FREE consultation call to determine your specific needs, we will pop you a custom proposal with an exact quotation for your unique project.

The average price of our full brand & web package for clients falls within the $2500-$5000 range, depending on your goals, the brand design pieces, and the scope of the project.

We want to give you everything you need for your badass brand to thrive, without giving you any bullshit that you don’t.

We have a system that divides the project payments into 2-3 parts across your project timeline.

We require a deposit of 1/2-1/3 of your total project cost at the start of your project, then spread out the other payments accordingly, with final payment required to push the “publish” button.

Lesson one: Using the words “quick” and “logo” in the same sentence is like swearing at any designer.

Ask yourself, what is your goal for your logo design?

If you want your brand to kick some serious ass and have any impact, you need more than just a pretty logo. You need strategy and intention behind it.

Additionally, we put a lot of effort and pride into the work we create, so we require that all clients must go through the branding process with us to ensure brand continuity and a well thought-out and intentional design direction.

If you can supply us with a brand guide for reference, we are happy to knock out an epic website for you, from as little as $600. As long as we have a brand guide and strategy to follow, we can make magic happen!

If you don’t have a brand guide with a defined strategy and design direction in place, you risk breaking trust through inconsistent branding across your platforms. Without a defined strategy, your website is not going to perform the way it should. And it’s not good enough these days to just have a website that “looks pretty”.

We’ve created a super streamlined process that will leave you totally equipped with everything you need to succeed in as little as 6 weeks. Take our advice and splash out a little extra for the full shebang… you’ll thank us later.

Brand Strategy is a combination of creative messaging, your brand’s promise to its customer, your brand personality and voice, and brand visuals.

If you aren’t providing your client with a solid foundation of Brand Strategy along with your design, you’re doing them a disservice, and you’re likely not going to be building the trust and connection that you could be.
Want more clients? Get yourself a Brand Strategy!