If your branding and online presence sucks, my team of creative interweb gangsters can help!

We live, breathe, eat and sleep all things online marketing, so you can trust us as your online marketing muscle. In fact, if it makes you feel any better, I'll even speak in a Russian accent, while you call me Borris.
"Your competitors? I make them sleep with fishes. Nobody will ever find them"
See? It could work? Who votes I rebrand to "Maffia Marketing?"

Branded Epicness

Company Naming and Tagline Service

Introductions form first impressions - and first impressions are EVERYTHING!
Make an entrance with an epic company name and tagline that your audience will never forget.

Brand Identity

Basically, the easiest way to explain a brand is:
“If your company were a human, what would they be like?"

I LOVE this stuff! And I would be sooo chuffed to help you create a kickass brand identity for your business

Web Design and Development

The last thing you want is to pay some plebb minimum wage for something that just "looks nice" but doesn't give you any return on investment. OR WORSE! - Something that looks crap and doesn't do anything.
We build a good-looking, custom-designed and functional marketing platform, not just "a website".
  • Kelly
    I am in awe of Storms work. She has gone above and beyond my expectations. I sent her a small brief on my ideas and she ran with it and made my little dream a reality. She is so easy to work with and advises you on everything you need to know or any queries you have. Her creative brain is unlike any other. I have tried many marketing companies but Storm has by far impressed me most. I highly recommend this company. She also provides some good laughs along the way 😂
  • Robyn Rohm
    Thank you to Storm Steen and Tarryn Jolly for their incredible contribution - Check out our new look Yellowwood Forest website and video - Grateful thanks for their professional audit of our needs and then summing us up perfectly! We'd love to keep you all to ourselves but then you wouldn't be Gypsies or Travelling Toes...folks book these ladies quickly! they have worked miracles for us.Thank you!!!!
    Robyn Rohm
    Yellowwood Forest
  • Andy Fink
    Storm contacted us to come and help us with our branding, which we were in desperate need of. Before she even arrived she did her homework and came prepared with a whole new image for our brand. She was absolutely phenomenal! Not only did she listen to everything we had in mind, she took all of those ideas and built on it and made it better than we could ever have hoped for. She redesigned our website, our Facebook, our brochures and our business cards. She did all of this in under a week! In that very week, our Facebook reach has already jumped up 360% and the inquiries are rolling in! We highly recommend her and advise anyone to grab hold of the opportunity to make use of her services when it presents itself. She is a hardworking and she is filled with tons of ideas, it was an absolute pleasure to have her as part of the Mantis family! Kind regards, Andy Fink Owner – Mantis and Moon Backpackers Lodge
    Andy Fink
    Mantis & Moon
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