Brand Strategy Survival Guide

So you want to move forward with a kickass new brand strategy and design direction... now what?

Yaaasss! We’re going to be making magic together!

If you’re seeing this, chances are that you have taken a look at our digital services, booked a discovery call and now have your very own personalized proposal, right?

The next step in our exciting online journey together is the brand strategy meeting.

We’ve got a date (ooh la la)! You, me, a 90 minute Zoom session and a butt-ton of questions that are going to help us take a deep dive into your brand to create a winning strategy and design direction for you. 

You’ll find a full breakdown of the topics we’ll be covering below.

Yes and no…
We’ve prepared some friendly guides that we think you will find helpful, but there are no compulsory sources or right/wrong answers. 
Just remember that the more information you can give us, the better we can build your brand. 

Before we jump on our Zoom date, you should have picked a customized package from your proposal, confirmed with Donna (our friendly bookings manager) and confirmed your booking with your deposit and signed client services agreement. 
Please note that no strategy meetings will be scheduled until your booking is confirmed.

Simply pop through an email with days and times that work best for you or fill in the easy booking form below 🙂

Schedule your call to fit your schedule

Once we receive your request, we’ll get right back to you to confirm availability. Please note that your Brand Strategy meeting will not be confirmed until your project deposit has been received. Once approved, you will receive a calander link with Zoom login details.

What we'll be covering

Topics to think about

About your business

  1. Future vision
  2. Goals
  3. Values
  4. What you do
  5. Competitors

About your target audience

  1. Demographics
  2. Behaviors 
  3. Interests
  4. Pain points
  5. Risks and rewards


  1. Products
  2. Sales funnel
  3. Lead magnets (free offerings)

The “BOOM” factor

  1. Logo looks you love
  2. Logo looks you want to burn
  3. 3 inspiring websites that you love
  4. Websites that make you want to cry

*We would loooove some examples from you