Badass Branding

You know that makeover montage that you see in every 90s tween movie ever? Well, we want to do that to your business…

We beleive in love at first sight (and making it happen)

It’s a 90s tween movie… you’re the nerdy artsy girl and you’ve got a total crush on the coolest jock in school (the potential client in this metaphor). He said hello to you once and you got all goofy and tongue-tied.

It happens ALL THE TIME! If you haven’t strategized for success, how are you going to know what to say when the opportunity presents itself?

Cue Storm and her team – the cool crowd that come in, give you a makeover, show you what to say and how to say it and BOOM! You’re singing “you better shape up” at a school carnival, dressed all sexy, while the cool jock makes googley eyes at you.

Your branding isn’t just your logo design. It’s the messaging you communicate and the first impression for potential clients. It’s your colour psychology, your fonts, your imagery and even the language you choose to use. Almost as if your business were human… your brand would be their personality.

– How we work

Our recipe for your brand’s success:

Brand strategy meeting

A 90 minute Zoom session where we take a deep dive into your business goals

Brand messaging

A collection of copy and messaging for cross-platform use, based on your unique target audience

Visual design

Rooted in user psychology, we create a moodboard, colour palette, font selection and visual guides for your new brand

– Ballpark figures

Rough estimates of what to expect

Branding on a budget

$400 investment
  • Brand Strategy Meeting
  • Brand Strategy & Design Direction

Full brand + Logo design

$700 starting
  • Brand Strategy & Design Direction
  • 2 x logo concepts
  • final logo delivered in 5 x file formats
  • full brand guide

Brand activations

$75 starting
  • Choose from a selection of brand activation pieces, including:
  • Packaging design
  • Business cards
  • Flyers/Brochures
  • Brand patterns
  • Custom icons
  • Social media templates

– Want to see what we’re made of?

Here or some things we’ve let loose on the world…