Kickass Websites

We want to design and develop a website that makes you excited about your own brand

If your website doesn’t make you go “Oooh! I’d hire me!” then clients  won’t either…

It’s the 21st century and people Google EVERYTHING! Also, they want information… but they don’t reeeeeally want to commit to a phonecall right now. So where do they go? 

That’s right. You need a website…
And not just a website – you need a website that communicates your messaging to your client and tells them that you’ve got the magic they need.

– How we work

Our recipe for your website’s success:

Creative breakdown

We guide you through the creative setup using your brand guide and content sheets to plan your visual content, copy and design for your overall site. (We require a brand guide for ALL websites)

Website design

We start to put ideas on (virtual) paper, creating page-by-page designs for your approval. You get 2 revision rounds per page to make sure you are 100% happy before we move the party online.

Web development

Once we have the “YAAASSS!” for your design, we start bringing it to life, online. You get a super-secret password so that you can view the pages of your website as they are ready to view.

– Don’t get screwed over with cheap sh*t

We pride ourselves on quality

There are a few things you should be asking your web designer before you hand over any cash, but we’re going to make your life easier and lay out some helpful points for you here:

– Want to see what we’re made of?

Here or some things we’ve let loose on the world…

– Ballpark figures

Rough estimates of what to expect


$900 starting
  • 3 x main pages
  • Blog
  • Contact page

Level Up

$1500 starting
  • 3 x main pages
  • 3 x sub pages
  • Blog
  • Contact page


$1100 starting
  • 2 x main pages
  • Online shop
  • Online payment integration
  • Blog
  • Contact page