Facebook and Instagram stories for marketing – your new secret weapon

You know what=? I’m not even going to deny it…Social media has become a sh*t show.

It’s literally dog eat dog and all of our businesses are competing with our competitors to try and get one step ahead and get in front of potential customers. Everyone’s trying the same thing (unless you have been to my Facebook training and have the upper hand). 

Listen, there are a lot of tips and tricks that Facebook doesn’t tell you. At the end of the day, Facebook is still a business and their number one goal is to get you to pay for advertising. Facebook, like us, needs to make money, pay salaries and grow into Zuckerberg’s ultimate wet dream.

We can’t blame them… You want the same thing for your business, right? 
With all of these businesses climbing over one another, trying to get to the top of everyone’s social feeds, it can all look hopeless.
For a lot of businesses that aren’t getting the inside scoop, it is.

You are getting a little cheat from me, so listen carefully…

The trick to getting to the top of ALL of your followers Facebook and Instagram feeds is…
(dramatic drum roll please)

Facebook and Instagram Stories!

Yup. Just that.
Obviously, continue with your regular post updates, but stories are going to be your secret weapon.
Why, you ask?Well, my dear friend, what is at the top of EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE PLANET’S Facebook and Instagram feeds?
Yup… right up there, before they even have a chance to update their own status is a line of little pictures and videos, each lasting a maximum of 15 seconds…

It’s story time, bitches!

Every business owner should know how to creatively pitch their business in 15 seconds or less. Facebook and Instagram stories is the ultimate training ground for this:

  1. Write down 3 AWESOME things you wish people knew about your industry – these are perfect for stories – but also are important points that need reinforcing!
  2. Write down 3 FALSE BELIEFS people have about your industry – these are perfect for stories as well – but also can be a part of your perfect webinar or marketing campaigns.
  3. MOST influencers don’t know how to monetize. You can scoop up a GREAT cost per sponsored post/video simply by asking.
  4. CONSISTENCY IS KING. Every time I am consistent on any platform (but especially on Facebook) I see the results within a week. Every time I take a break from a platform I see the decline within a week.

AND this is just the beginning!

I’m giving you EASY PEASY – lemon-squeezy ways to monetize and build your business, using Facebook (and a little Insta) on my Facebook Marketing Master Class tour.
It’s seriously going to be OFF THE HOOK and I would love to see you there, in the front row?
What do you say? See you there?

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