Facebook can go suck it!

I’ve been thinking long and hard…

2020 was definitely an awakening for all of us.
We had a lot of time to think and be and evaluate what’s important in life. The world was separated into two types of people: 
  • The hustlers – working like beasts (best seen in those crafty asswipes selling a bottle of cheap brandy for six hundred bucks a bottle) and
  • The caccooners – those humans who retreated into their blanket forts of Tiger King and junk food, so that they could emerge rested and stronger at what we thought would be the end of lockdown.

Both are totally cool.


One of my favourite clients spent lockdown glued to Netflix, cacooning.

She watched a total of 8 hours of series a day, started a vegetable garden and put on a good 5 kilograms.
While it doesn’t sound like she did much – all the while, she was plotting…
Metamorphosing, if you will.When she came out of lockdown and re-opened her business, she frikkin’ OWNED IT!
She was rested and had planned a grand comeback, so that she and her business could hit the ground running.
I have never been so proud (especially since I had been worried that she was giving up, after not receiving any replies to my “check-in” emails).

I, on the other hand, was in the hustling sector.

While I wasn’t selling overpriced booze or cigarettes, I was totally whoring myself out to make sure that my staff and I didn’t suffer at the hands of the shut-down economy.
Everyone all of a sudden decided they needed my digital services, but felt they shouldn’t have to pay full price for them.
So… I took what I could get.
And that was so wrong. It was wrong because I pride myself on the passion that I have for my work – as do each of my staff.
But, when you feel like you are doing something because you HAVE to and not because you want to, that spark dies.
That flame is slowly snuffed out with each measly paycheck that comes in and you think, “shit… I did so much for this”.This is why it is so important to charge what you are worth, so that your flame burns bright and your passion and pride shines through in the work that you do.
You will feel it.
You will see it.
Your customers will see it too.
And they will keep coming back for it, no matter what you charge. Compromising on your worth will compromise your drive to offer value.
Especially when, each time you get that paycheck, it feels like a slap in the face.
Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Hustling hard in 2020 helped me grow my business immensely, but it also helped me realize a few things:

  1. Charge what you are worth – don’t compromise (even if you think it’s helping people – in the long run, it’s not.)
  2. I frikkin’ LOVE seeing little businesses grow (but we knew this already)
  3. I love being a part of bringing them to life with branding, websites and brand strategy.
  4. I fucking HATE Facebook!
I know that last point shook you a bit, right?
“But it’s Storm! She’s dished out so much Facebook gold? How can she hate Facebook?”

But it’s true.

It’s always been a lot of work to continuously keep up with the trends and algorithm changes that Facebook throws out.
I loved teaching you beautiful humans at my workshops and hearing your success stories, and I am good at it…
But I was also good at accounting, in ninth grade.
And I would rather chew off my left arm than become an accountant (no offence to accountants). The truth is, I feel like the best Facebook management comes from within your own company.
I can’t give the personal touch that a social platform needs, as an outsider.
Only you can do that.
I can train you how to manage your Facebook, your ads and maximize your social reach, but that means I have to spend hours every week making sure my skills are on fleek to be able to give you the best advice.
And… you know what?
I’d rather be fishing…

I have made a decision.

Facebook will no longer be a part of my service offering.
Branding, websites and design will be the 3 simple services we offer, at Storm Steen. BUT you can still check out all the FREE Facebook advice I have dished out on my Storm Steen blog. (I might continue to dish out a little on my Facebook page too) How’s your spark doing?
Are there things you wish you could drop in your business?
What’s stopping you?

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