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Facebook has turned into Regina George, from Mean Girls, and won’t let me sit at the “cool girls” table. What a bitch.

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September 16, 2019
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October 1, 2019

Apparently, the frequent use of some of my favourite words go against Facebook Community Standards, which I think is bullsh*t, because everybody worth talking to includes at least one four-letter-word in their most frequently used adjectives file.

Anyway, I haven’t been blocked by Facebook. I have been shadow banned, which means that my content might NOT be breaking any rules, but they don’t want to show it to too many people, in case it offends sensitive readers.

You can be shadow banned for a number of things.

Sharing the same post too quickly to too many groups, having too much text in your images, even just using too many sales words, like “buy”, “book” or “sale”.

I’m not too phased about not being allowed at Facebook’s “cool kids” table. While this does present a bit of a speed bump if you have been relying on your traffic from sharing to Facebook groups (which will have very little effect on the reach of shadow banned pages), there are ways around it:

  1. Facebook Ads – even if your page is shadow banned, you are still able to utilize targeted Facebook Ads to grow your following, promote your products and increase your reach.
  2. Use your website – Use your website to encourage Facebook follows and engagement by integrating Facebook reviews and likes into your site.
  3. Use your personal profile as leverage – Strangers may not see your page posts, but they can see your posts and your friends, when you share content from your Facebook page. Your friends love you right? Ask them to share your posts.
  4. Get social – Join groups as your page profile and offer helpful advice to those seeking it. Don’t sell, just help. It will position you as a leader and users will naturally flow to your page.
  5. Facebook Live – All your followers will get an instant popup when you appear on Facebook Live, using your page. This is great for capturing attention on a special offer, encouraging discussion or even just hanging out with your followers.

There we go, Facebook! We don’t need to sit at your “cool kids” table! We’ll make our own scruffy nerds table and take over the internet with our moxie and resourcefulness!

Even if your page hasn’t been shadow banned, try the above tips and watch the magic as your page grows. Once you have given them a bash, comment below and let me know how these “cheats” worked for you.

Also, I want to hear about ALL your digital marketing problems so that I can help you solve them. Hit me up, my fellow scruffy nerd!
Until then, stay awesome and keep your interweb pimp hand strong! Xx

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