If you have the cure for cancer, why keep it a secret?

If the cure for cancer existed, but the doctors didn’t tell you about it because they didn’t want to seem pushy, would you be relieved, or…?

If you are not telling people how you can HELP THEM with your business, this is pretty much the same scenario.

Obviously, hard sales pitches are about as appealing as a bee sting to the eyeball.

Let’s face it, we all walk past those weird popup salespeople in the shopping malls, pretending not to hear or notice them. Personally, it makes me feel like a bitch. I hate it, but it’s better than sitting through the painful 2 minute scripted sales pitch that poor guy has had to memorize, just to make a living.

BUT… If something is REALLY interesting and helpful, you want to hear it, right?

If you can make my life better and help me in ways I never knew were possible, YOU are being a bitch for NOT showing it to me! Why keep the secret to yourself? This is not the cool kids table in high school… I want in!

That is what you are doing to your customers by not marketing to them. You are depriving them of something they need—and yeah, they’re going to be pissed if they only discover that you had a solution for them, the whole time, when it’s now too late to save them.

Marketing is a good deed. It will make the right people excited. How’s that for a reframe?

All it takes is a simple change in perspective…
Instead of “selling”, how are you “helping”?

I have tons of clients who attend my Facebook workshops and say crazy shit like “I don’t want to post on my page every day because I don’t want to annoy people”.
Being helpful is not annoying, Susan!
Get in their faces!
This is how clients are going to come to you.
This is why they are going to choose you over your competition.

Instead of “buy this!” and “look at this!” and “save on this!” posts, offer value and tell a story. 
Fire that marketing gun, like confetti!
Be helpful.
Cure cancer.

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