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iLAB Retreats vs BossVision Retreats = Entrepreneur version of Lady and the Tramp

Grab them by the balls! If it was agreed to in an email, it will hold up in court…
October 1, 2019
Internet time travel is real! It’s just called “scheduling”…
October 17, 2019

There’s a huge difference between small time and big time investments.
As an entrepreneur, you’re going to get out what you put in.
I like to think of it like Lady and the Tramp.
I’m the Tramp…

I have to admit that my BossVision Retreats are not going to fast-track you into entrepreneurship super-stardom.
Yes, they will teach you street smarts and how not to starve to death on the business streets.
They’ll teach you how not to end up in the pound and they may even get you eating yummy spaghetti in a fancy Italian restaurant every night.
You totally won’t be living like the other starving strays, scratching through dumpsters to stay alive. I’ll say that much. But entrepreneurship isn’t for sussies!

If you’re wanting the REAL map to success – living like Lady, in a fancy manor, eating caviar and lobster for dinner – a little BossVision Retreat isn’t going to cut it. You want to step up and run with the big dogs, at iLAB Accelerator.

iLAB has hosted 60+ Accelerators, and mentored over 600+ entrepreneurs from over 30 different countries through life-changing experiences. Participants discovered their greater purpose, connected with their identity, found their natural flow, mastered their market and monetised their business through profitable promotions. AND they got to do it all from BAAAALLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!

I’m totally planning on spending at least 2 months in Bali, next year, but all you really need is one or two weeks.

Want more info on how you can experience one of these game-changing retreats? Check it out:
iLAB Retreats for Entrepreneurs

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