How to make money and get online during South Africa’s COVID-19 Lockdown

If lockdown being extended for another month or two is making you want to sh*t yourself because you "can't make money while your clients are at home", then you'll want to pay attention...

If lockdown being extended for another month or two is making you want to sh*t yourself because you “can’t make money while your clients are at home”, then you’ll want to pay attention…

ANY business can make money online!
In fact, you should offer online products ALL THE TIME, because they make it possible for the entire world to get a taste of your brand, from wherever they are πŸŒ
Aaand it offers a way to make a little extra side cash, without even thinking about it πŸ™‚
I’ll even be going over a few examples in this post…
Here’s the first one:

Wine Farms and Breweries

Let’s say you own a wine farm or a brewery, where you make a large portion of your income by having guests join you for wine tastings.
Why not offer a virtual experience?

Here are 3 ideas of online offerings that can keep the cash rolling in, even while the foot traffic isnt:

1) The A-Z guide to becoming a wine connoisseur:

An online live/pre-recorded video training on all things vino!
Take your audience through the steps of being able to recognize different flavours, textures and features of different wines.
You can offer a cool little certificate at the end and throw in a discount for the real deal, once the world gets back to normal?
You may even want to upsell attendees at the end by allowing them to pre-order a limited edition wine collection that can be delivered to them, when lockdown ends πŸ™‚

2) The Brew-Master Class:

Online training, with videos and recipes, that teaches participants how to start brewing their own beer, from home!

3) Virtual Creation Class:

Allow participants to make their own small (multiple-choiced) adjustments to a recipe that you can mix for them. Once the mixture is ready (after lockdown), they then receive their “[[custom name]] Premier Collection”, complete with personalized labels.

I don’t know about your customers, but I’d totally jump at these offerings!?!

The Beauty Industry

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
What’s the most highly searched “DIY” topic of them all?

If you are a hairdresser, massage therapist, nail technician or other beauty professional, you are missing out BIG TIME if you do not have online offerings out there!

With home beauty being one of the most (if not THE most) popular searches on the internet, making money should be as easy as tweezing that pesky hair out of your Aunt Helga’s mole.
(Really easy… because it’s presence is strong)

Here are a couple of ideas for Ebooks, video training and even live video consultations you can do:

  • 20 DIY Hairstyles that will make you look red-carpet-ready.
  • Sensual couples massage class to spice up your lockdown.
  • Nail down for lockdown (DIY nails)
  • The Ultimate DIY Beauty Cookbook
  • Movie Star Makeup Workshop

Seriously, if you have a computer and a cell phone, the potential for your business is limitless!
You make humans beautiful ALL THE TIME. Why let a little lockdown cramp your style?

I would love to help you keep sharing that beauty with your clients.
Give me a shout and I can help beautify YOU for a change?
Online, dahling… Let’s make you shine!

Interior Designers

If you’re an interior designer, feng shui expert, lighting architect or interior decorator, you’re probably feeling like lockdown is screwing you hard right now?
Like, how can you offer your services to PAYING CLIENTS if you can’t step into their space?

Welcome to the wonderful world of the internet!
I’m about to blow your fucking mind…

You know how everyone is doing online consultations and working from home now?
What if I told you that you could too?

You could offer:

  • Feng Shui your home ebook or online course
  • Home Makeover Consultation… professionally decorate and re-arrange your space with what you already have!
  • Mood Board Mockups… send a picture of your space for digital transformation options so you can plan your new space while you have the time to kill!

The cabin fever struggle is real… leverage it and help your clients.
They want you!
They need you!
Oh baby, oh baby…

Photographers and Videographers

You know what makes me mad?
I have TONS of photographer and videographer friends on Facebook.
Yet, I haven’t seen a single one do anything but bitch and moan about their canceled bookings.

Now… if they were smart (like you), they would have simply asked, “What can I do to keep the cashflow?”
And I would have said, “Follow me, Gangsters!”

And then I would have thrown these ideas out there:

  • Offer online training for potential subjects. This is great for brides-to-be! How to pose to look 10kgs lighter. How to get the best isle photos, without looking like you are posing. Things to avoid for crappy wedding photos.
  • Run a from-home photography/videography crash course.
  • Contact old clients (that you still have raw files for) and offer them a discounted add-on. Eg: 10 more edits for their wedding photos.

Keep on rocking the lens life and don’t let lockdown get you down πŸ“ΈπŸŽ₯

Restaurants and Bars

Nobody is feeling lockdown harder than the hospitality industry…
Eish. This one’s a toughy, but you can still totally make money during lockdown!

You know how people are willing to pay good money for your product, when your doors are open?
Well, that hasn’t changed!

Here are a few ideas, off the top of my head:

  • [[Your restaurant name]] Signature Dishes Cookbook
  • Online cooking classes (so those missing their favourite dishes can make them at home)
  • Virtual dinner party hosting

I know my design minions are itching to do a cookbook again (we haven’t had one of those in a while).
How about it?

Want me to help you whip up something special?

If you’re looking for more personalized options for your business, let’s talk?
I get a giant nerd-boner coming up with these things and would love to spitball some ideas with you and help bring your all new digital product to life…
Especially the part where I get to scream, “IT’S ALLLIIIIIIIIIVVVVE!!!”

From now on, call me Dr FrankenStorm, okay?

P.S: You might also want to check out my Quarantine Survival Crash Course – It’s FREE!


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