There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all recipe for success!

I have a confession to make…

It’s almost 11am and I am still in bed!

It’s a cold, wet, windy day in St Francis Bay.
I can barely hear the ever-present crashing of waves over the howling and rattling of my kitchen blinds. So, I have closed all the windows, tucked Bruce (my dog) into a pile of blankets, and decided that I am a hermit crab for the rest of the day.

And you know what?
This is totally allowed!

I used to have a business coach that was adamant that I should be up at sunrise every day, go for a run and then read the paper over breakfast to stay up to date with current affairs and set the tone for my day.
He told me “This is what all of the most successful people in the world do to start their day”.
Like it was a one-size-fits-all solution.
Start your day like this and you will be successful.


There is also no set definition for success.

I totally tried the early morning thing, when I had a more “corporate thing” going.
I would start my day at 6am, swearing at my alarm, because I am NOT a morning person.
I would then zombie-walk my way to the kitchen, growling at any object or human I passed, click the kettle on and glare at it, as if threatening the water to boil faster OR ELSE!!!
Down 2 gigantic mugs of coffee in the biggest coffee mug I could find (occasionally I just opted for a measuring jug) and pray that I was able to drag my chunky butt up the hill on my daily run – and by “run” I mean slow-jog followed by profuse sweating, swearing, difficulty breathing, burning joints and finally arriving back at my gate, smelling like the decaying corpse I felt like on the inside.
Shower, while my legs were still shaking from the shock and trauma of being put through that so early in the morning, and then munch on a piece of fruit or something, because eating a full meal so early in the morning really makes me feel physically ill.
I would then plop myself in front of a desk, where my creative mind tried to find any reason to pull me away from the cold, emotionless setup.
I drew the line at reading the paper – ain’t nobody want that negativity to add to a morning that is already sooooo brutal.

You see, for me, those early mornings SUCKED!

I am a night owl – super productive at night, but can barely string together a sentence of English before 9am.
Forcing myself to try and be a morning person not only made mornings harder, but by the time I was usually most productive, my body had now been awake for so long that it was starting to shut down.

This “morning recipe for success” was doing more harm than good.

I had to find what worked for me.

I hate desks! I hate early mornings! I don’t like breakfast before 10am… so, I created my own routine to enhance my strengths and increase my productivity.

  • My morning alarm doesn’t go off until 8:30.
  • I don’t leave bed until 9.
  • I have a slow start and don’t schedule meetings before 10am.
  • I run in the afternoons – with music, at my own pace, may stop in the village for a break in between, and I come back feeling more energized.
  • I work from bed, the kitchen counter, the comfy couch, a coffee shop or wherever I feel like. Just not from an office.
  • I do all of my most important work between 9pm and midnight, instead of 8am and 11am.

And you know what?
Sitting here, in my warm, pink, cow-ballerina pajamas, heater on and cup of coffee on my bedside table, I have achieved so much more than I would have, sitting at a desk.

I want to know how you start your day…
What works best for you?

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