Infinity Tribe
June 25, 2020

Mantis & Moon Backpackers Lodge

Logo design - Brand Activations - Facebook Makeover - Web design and development

When you are travelling down the coast of South Africa and find a beachside jungle paradise with a GLASS FREAKING TREEHOUSE, it seems like the obvious choice to stay a while, right? So stay a while we did...

We spent 10 days in Umzumbe, soaking in the ocean air and giving Mantis & Moon Backpackers lodge a more accurate online representation of what they actually offered. This will always be one of our favourite projects.

Storm contacted us to come and help us with our branding, which we were in desperate need of. Before she even arrived she did her homework and came prepared with a whole new image for our brand. She was absolutely phenomenal! Not only did she listen to everything we had in mind, she took all of those ideas and built on it and made it better than we could ever have hoped for.

She redesigned our logo, website, our Facebook, our brochures and our business cards. She did all of this in under a week! In that very week, our Facebook reach has already jumped up 360% and the inquiries are rolling in! We highly recommend her and advise anyone to grab hold of the opportunity to make use of her services when it presents itself.

She is a hardworking and she is filled with tons of ideas, it was an absolute pleasure to have her as part of the Mantis family!

Kind regards,
Andy Fink
Owner – Mantis and Moon Backpackers Lodge