152 Village House
July 7, 2020
Kouga Renewables
July 7, 2020

Tails & Thyme Bohemian Bistro

Brand strategy and design direction - Logo design - Menu Design

When this stunning little restaurant decided to rebrand, we were soooo excited to jump on board. Besides making the best cheesecake in the southern hemisphere, Tails & Thyme has the most amazing meal selection and an even better atmosphere, inside the restaurant.

We tried to capture the laid back arty feel of their ever-present macrame decor and fuze it with the imagery of their beautiful St Francis Bay setting and healthy food selection.

Designing the Brand Pattern

We wanted to communicate something clean and fresh - just like the Tails & Thyme menu selection!

For brand continuity, we brought in a little piece of the logo (the knife and fork) and threw in a sprig of herbs (which could also represent the refreshing pot plants, found all through the restaurant).

Because the Tails & Thyme menu offers such variety, we thought we would carry that through and offer the pattern in ALL the brand colours! We then suggested to our client that we carry through the diversity to the new menu design and print them in all 6 variations.

We really do hope these add as much fun to the restaurant as we had designing them.

Social Media Story Templates

We got so excited with this new brand that we didn't want to stop... so we didn't!

As a "Thank you for being such a rockstar and choosing us" gift, we whipped up 6 custom branded story templates for Facebook and Instagram. Now, whenever Tails & Thyme wants to make an announcement, they can do it in style.

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