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Amy Natalie Co.

When Amy Natalie Co. had finished a sexy new rebrand, Choose Love Design brought us on board to tell her story through a classy, feminine and confident web design and development.

The final product surprised even us! Being the most feminine website we have worked on to date (soooo much pink!), it has actually been one of our favourite projects EVER!

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Ice Cream Rebrand

When we tasted this homemade ice cream, our lives changed. No longer would we be able to eat regular store-bought crap. Jill’s salted caramel set the new standard, so we wanted her branding to do the same…

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Made by Rohan Website Design

Rohan and Gen are the most beautiful couple from Cape Town (South Africa) who produce the most beautiful bespoke wood furniture and fabrication. When Rohan contacted us to help bring his creations to the big wide interwebs, we were overjoyed to be a part of their little business’ growth.

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