- Braning and web design

Born Together

If you’re really good, you’ll come back in the next life as the child of an infant massage therapist… Massages on the regz sounds like the dream! We brought this momma’s side hustle to life with an epic branding and web design package.

Brand Strategy

Infant massage sounds like something only Hollywood mommies indulge their children in, so we wanted to change the narrative and focus whole-heartedly on the benefits that this practice has for babies as well as their mothers. We focused the brand message on building a connection with your child and learning to do infant massage yourself, rather than paying top dollar to have your baby massaged by a straner.

Design direction

We picked colours centered around love, serenity and motherhood. In the logo, the circle is a (neater and digitized) rendition of a child's very first circle drawing. Circles represent connection, but most of all we wanted to capture that feeling of purity, pride and love that a mother has for her baby. We carried this concept through to the brand pattern too, using "scribbles" to form a calming pattern.

Website design

There was a real challenge here to avoid a design that looked too childish, especially with the incorporation of the "scribble" patterns. We used the colour palette to balance out the softness and authority of the brand to create a design that flowed and communicated the brand effectively. Needless to say, the client loved it!

Oh baby!

This was the very first “kids brand” we have ever worked on and we’d definitely be keen to work on more 🙂

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