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Ice Cream Rebrand

When we tasted this homemade ice cream, our lives changed. No longer would we be able to eat regular store-bought crap. Jill’s salted caramel set the new standard, so we wanted her branding to do the same…

A new coat of paint

As a small business, this ice cream brand had really taken on the voice of it's creator and didn't really have a voice of its own. We used a brand new messaging and direction to shed the original black, neon orange and bright pink harshness to take on a more friendly and family-friendly feel. To do this, we toned down the orange and pink, pushed back the black and added some softer, more "ice-creamy" colours.

Packaging design

We used a fun "bubble-scoop" brand pattern to keep the lively energy that the original visual branding was trying to achieve. We wanted to create something that was appealing to all age groups, so used a mixture of fun colours and literal ingredient imagery to balance it out.

Website design

We threw in a fun and fresh web design mockup for Jill to hand to a developer, if she ever decided to get a website up (yes, we were definitely hinting). The design carries across the brand while highlighting a "Flavour of the week" to promote regular orders and return visitors.

Branding good enough to eat?

How many salted caramel ice cream cones should a website development project cost? Asking for a friend…

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