– Branding, logo design and website

Kouga Renewables

We really had full reign with this brand and website design (these are our favourite type of clients). The client was basically like, “We know it’s broken… fix it!”. So, we did…

Brand strategy and design direction

We started with a clean slate and looked at the business, step-by-step, designing the customer experience and the brand messaging to get them there. We used a bright colour palette to lighten the serious tone of content and convey the feelings of knowledge, security and positivity.

Visual branding

Why complicate things? We went with a clean (for clean energy) and simple solar panel-inspired icon image for the logo design. Most of the time, the simplest logos are the most memorable.

We used the new design direction to create everything from Facebook cover images to business cards and brand patterns to posters.

Online sales funnel

With very little content, we took a clean and simple web design and development approach, focusing on lead generation through a "Beginners Guide to Solar Energy" Ebook and automated email campaign.

We hooked up a "Free Evaluation" booking link, using Calendly, and focused all paths on getting that first contact with potential clients.

But did a simple, 2-page website work?

Bet your ass it did! The day we released the post for the free guide on Facebook, Kouga Renewables got two new inquiries from potential clients. We don’t want to toot our own horns, but… Who are we kidding? YES WE DO! WE’RE AWESOME!

– Get in on this badassery

We want to make sweet, sweet interweb babies with you…

What do you need?

  • Company naming and tagline service
  • Brand strategy and design direction
  • Logo design
  • Brand activation pieces
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Private online training sessions

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