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Made by Rohan

Rohan and Gen are the most beautiful couple from Cape Town (South Africa) who produce the most beautiful bespoke wood furniture and fabrication. When Rohan contacted us to help bring his creations to the big wide interwebs, we were overjoyed to be a part of their little business’ growth.

Colour palette

Made by Rohan had their logo sorted, but without a brand guide to work from, we had to get creative and draw a colour palette from their existing imagery. Usually, we don't like tackling new websites without a brand guide to go off, but Gen played such an active role in helping with the direction that we didn't mind making an exception.

Shop integration

We wanted to make sure that there was an active sales funnel, ready to kick butt on Made by Rohan's new site. We added Facebook integration, online payments and everything Made by Rohan could possibly need for a sexy, minimalist online store.


Rohan's trusty companion, Shesha, is featured in the Made by Rohan logo. We've met Shesha - and she's the best doggo ever! We wanted to give her a features spot on the website so that the MBR users get to meet her too. Can you find her?

Double the celebration

By the time it came to the Made by Rohan website launch, we had two things to celebrate – Rohan and Gen made their partnership official and got engaged! We were so happy for them on so many levels and look forward to seeing them kick butt together – in business and in life.

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