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Moondogz website

Moondogz needed a fresh new look and a website that converted better than their old one. After battling with a previous developer for over a year, we recreated their eCommerce website from scratch, adding some extra bells and whistles for better conversions on their online store.

A little bit of colour

The Moondogz original branding was a bit dark at first, so we proposed a lighter, more calming colour palette to connect with audiences better. We sourced some images, created branded stock photography and the client loved it!

We were sure to carry this colour palette and imagery accross to the Moondogz Facebook page to insure brand continuity.

Built on WordPress

We built the Moondogz website using WordPress so that we could give full control of the website to the client, when we were done. She had been held hostage in the past, so we wanted to assure her that she was in full control.

We used a nice, clean, custom design to guide users through their online experience and integrated a friendly Facebook messenger plugin for optimal communication.

Enhanced online shopping experience

Moondogz wanted something a little more than the standard online shopping experience, without selling a kidney to pay for custom development. We were able to put our brains to work and find some epic plugins to automate a boosted sales process.

A little somethin’ somethin’ for social

We threw in these cute little rebranding post designs for the Moondogz big reveal

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