– Brand revamp and packaging design

The Olive Tree

So imagine this: You’re the cutest little tannie, making natural vegan olive products from the olives that you put your blood,sweat and tears into growing on your own little farm. You’re selling your products at local markets, but sales aren’t going too well. Then, your 16 year old daughter is like “Mom, it’s cause your jars look kak!”. 

You’re sad at first, because you thought your labels were awesome because you designed them yourself, in classic black and white, using Microsoft Word. But then, you find Storm Steen on Facebook and they’re like, “Hear us out, homeslice… how about we add some colour?”…

The brand makeover

This brand already had a logo that they were super proud of, so we decided to work it into a brand new brand look and feel, adding a deep charcoal (instead of black) and a splash of golden-yellow to represent the Karoo (where these bad boys are made), the sun and a sense of class.

Selling points

The original products simply stated the product name. We decided to add a little bit of personality by telling people exactly what made it so special.

Make it look yummy!

This client wanted her new packaging to look "classic" and "natural". We used a watermark, taken from her logo, to add some depth to the design and used the beautiful contrast of the golden-yellow on charcoal to make it pop.

Triple the sales!

There’s nothing better than hearing that your client made three times the sales at her next market than she has ever made before.  She was so happy that she even sent us some tasty products in the new packaging design as an extra thank you!