- Web design and development

Pop In Beauty Bar

This little salon with a big heart was battling to reach the masses with nothing but a Facebook page to spread the news of the great things they do. They needed a web design that was budget-friendly, easy to edit themselves and, of course, searcheable on Google. 
One year later, and they are number one on all beauty-related searches in the St Francis Bay area…

Get blogging

All cards on the table - it's not an easy feat to rank number one on Google searches, especially when there are over 40 salons in the immediate area. We managed to convince the ladies at Pop In that they needed a blog to help.

Template design

On a budget, sometimes custom design is just not an option. To help keep the web design affordable, we picked out a premium template design that we could then customize for the client.

Building the website

Because we had picked out a killer WordPress template, the development process was super speedy too! We made sure that the branding was followed through and unscathed by the original template. Then, we trained the ladies to update and maintain the website themselves!

Making it “pop”

The pampering we got was a serious bonus and we got to create this epic promotional video while we did it:

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