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Raw Confidence branding and website

As a team of women, we relate all too well to looking in the mirror and responding with “Ugh…”
The RAW brand got us excited about creating their brand strategy, logo, copywriting and website and gave us free reign to do whatever the hell we wanted. So, naturally, we put the word “bullshit” in the first section of their website… and they loved it!

Brand strategy

We focused on the target audience of young women and the empourment of natural beauty. This evolved into such a powerful brand message, even we were impresses with ourselves!

Logo design

Did you know that no two pinecones are the same? We combined the imagery of a fingerprint and a pinecone to communicate the appreciation for unique and natural beauty.

RAW Website

We wanted the website to be clean, natural, simple and communicate the message that RAW could show you how to love yourself. Naturally, we immediately went for elegant nudity. Who wouldn't?

Making it “pop”

We loved working with the natural colours and positive message of the RAW branding

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