– Brand strategy and logo design

Stoned Green Cafe brand launch

This was such a fun little branding and logo design project.
Of course, our team loves anything tongue in cheek, so a green cafe, called Stoned, was the perfect little project for us to fill our smaller gaps with.

Brand strategy

We didn't wand to make this a cringey "stoner brand". The client wasn't looking to attract skateboarding goof-ball teenagers as clients, but rather the more mature green crowd. We focused on a more health-based strategy to achieve this.

Design direction

Appealing to a more mature client base meant a more mature look and feel. "Less Snoop Dog and more UB40" was the feel we were going for with a more muted, natural colour palette and design.

Logo design

This was an interesting logo to design for us and we tried a few approaches before we found something that worked. We wanted to integrate the cannabis leaf into the design somehow, without it being the main focus. We also wanted to communicate that this was a cafe - note a hotbox - so we used softer lines and the image of a coffee cup. Obvious, but effective, don't you think?

The process of “getting Stoned”

We use psychology as the base for all of our brand strategies. This is how Stoned evolved from a list of words. We even used the colours to suggest a branded coffee packaging design idea, as Stoned Green Cafe makes their own coffee and tea range…

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