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Welcoming Morocco branding and website

Working on this brand strategy and website definitely got our feet itching! Alexa (our whimsical wordsmith) and Storm have been planning their Moroccan holiday ever since!

What started off as a personal blogĀ  has now morphed into a divine Moroccan cultural tour – so Welcoming Morocco came to us for a fresh brand, website and some great blog content to get the Google ball rolling.

Brand strategy

We focused on the capturing the warm and welcoming essence of "an authentic Moroccan experience" with warm tones and imagery and a very personal tone to the brand messaging. Welcoming Morocco already had a logo that they loved, so it was up to us to make it work with the new brand.

Blog writing

We started with 3 pillar articles for each element of the Moroccan arts tour to create a content strategy that Google and website users would love! Then, we broke those topics down into 3 sub-topics each - all written from a first-person POV... and we've never been to Morocco!

Welcoming Morocco Website

We wanted the website to be as warm and welcoming as the brand itself (and the wonderful family that started it). We compiled a stock photo library and created a custom design to be as informative as possible. With the main goal being to direct users to the blog, we put a link right up there in the header...

“Take me in your suitcase!”

Travel brands and websites always excite out inner-gypsies and we loved creating the brand, content and website for Welcoming Morocco. We’re definitely planning a Moroccan holiday as soon as the world is “back to normal”.

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