Internet time travel is real! It’s just called “scheduling”…

You know what the most magical thing about Interweb Land is?


Living in the 21st century is all about instant gratification, and the online world places the answer to every need at your finger tips. Whether it’s online shopping, booking a service or consultation, looking for answers to a question… we all do it online.

As business owners, we all have busy schedules, but the speed at which we answer inquiries is directly related to your success of closing the deal.
If I am searching for a hairdresser and send you a mail, the chances are that I have already booked somewhere else, if you take more than 24 hours to reply.
You just lost out on a customer.

But, with the internet working 24/7, it doesn’t mean you have to.

The solution?
Time travel!

Let’s take my business, for instance:

I am definitely a night owl. My best productivity happens between 8pm and 2am.
This also means that it takes a small miracle to get me out of bed before 9am, when most of the country has already hit the ground running with their day.
So, how am I posting this to you at 6am, when I am probably still drooling into my pillow and dreaming of being on a deserted beach, with Ian Somerhalder?
Time travel. that’s how.

I schedule my posts for the optimal performance time, so this is my past self, talking to future you.
How cool is that!

You know what else I have used time travel for?

When you sign up for my newsletter , you get an instant personalized email back, no matter what time of day it is.
That was past me, writing to future you again, before you even signed up for my love letters!

I have also automated all of my course signups, Facebook messenger replies and even my actual online course material, so that communication is instant and interest is kept high. No waiting forever for replies or having time to sink in to buyers remorse.

I would love to teach you ALL the Time Travel and conversion tactics to make your online presence epic too!

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