1 Hour Training Consultation

Startup Bootcamp – BossVision Retreat
January 14, 2020
Facebook Marketing Master Class – St Francis Bay
January 27, 2020

1 Hour Training Consultation


An hour in a (virtual) room with me, where you can suck anything you want out of my brain…

Need Facebook Training?
Want to define your brand?
How about putting together a kickass marketing strategy?

Schedule a private training consultation with me and we can do it all!

All of our training consultations are hosted on Zoom, we can share screens, chat away AND record each meeting.
This means that you can request the recording to your session and watch it, over and over again, so you can make sure you never miss a thing!
Once our meeting is confirmed, I’ll send you the link so you can log on, when the time comes!

Book now and we’ll schedule this rendezvous (oohlala) over email.
I’ll be waiting…


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