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January 28, 2020
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February 21, 2020

Email Marketing Master Class


St Francis Bay, EC
Thursday 12 March 2020
8:30am to 12:30pm

Let’s build a kickass email marketing strategy and connect with ALL THE PEOPLE, okay?

Join me for this EPIC half-day training workshop to get your email marketing on fleek!

Your email list will be the single most valuable company asset. Trust me, my list accounts for 25% of my monthly turnover.
In this in-depth training workshop, you will learn how to effectively build, manage and maintain a profitable email campaign (A.K.A: How to create a crazy cash cow of loyal minions that will follow you FOREVER!!!).

Here’s what else you’ll be learning:

✔ You’ll learn how to plan, create and implement an effective email marketing strategy.
Why email marketing is one of the best tools for converting prospects to customers
How to grow your email audience and get more traffic to your website
How to write great emails and what to write in your emails
How to write great emails and what to write in your emails
✔ How to design beautiful emails
✔ How to test and optimize your emails
✔ How to create an automated email series and email automation best practices
✔ How to turn email subscribers into customers and create compelling offers


Limited spaces available
Tickets are not refundable


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