Relocating Your Business With Minimal Hassle, Fuss, Muss and Heartache

You can find a cornucopia of reasons why companies change locations. A new city may be offering attractive tax breaks. A venture might be expanding and requires upgraded facilities. Perhaps the customer base in the current area is declining. Whatever set of justifications there are for picking up and setting roots elsewhere, changing headquarters while keeping the money rolling in requires planning. Here’s a guide on moving without interrupting the flow of patrons opening their wallets.

Create a Plan

Your first mission is mapping out how the shift will go down. Write a timeline of events you can check off as you go to make sure the relocation is staying on track. Make copies and hand them to everyone involved in the moving process. That way, all parties feel informed and not puzzled over what’s happening at any given stage. Review your checklist with coworkers, and verify that there aren’t any critical elements you’re missing.

Have Supplies in Place

Keeping your business in operation depends on having all the necessary equipment at the ready. Assign one person to be in charge of making certain everything is where it needs to be. Like with your moving plan, it’s recommended that you review your list of items with a second pair of eyes. In addition to extra inventory, secure temporary equipment to avoid pauses in customer service. Consider leasing what you need while the desks, chairs, and computers you’re familiar with are en route. Don’t forget the importance of office toys and coffee stations. That way, everyone can stay caffeinated while they relieve stress.

Communicate With Employees

Those who study businesses find that workers name lack of communication as the primary reason for booboos and screw-ups. The importance of staying on the same page grows tenfold during a move. Hold a company-wide meeting during which you can explain your rationale for setting roots elsewhere. Go into detail about how the change will affect them and ways they may play a part in assuring a seamless transition.

After delivering prepared remarks, allow time for questions. Try not to smirk when Linda from Accounting expresses concern about her tchotchke collection getting lost or damaged, and express understanding of her fears. Use a program such as Slack to facilitate continued discussion even when people are in different cities and time zones.

Update Outward Facing Information

Letting customers know about your move is as important as explaining what’s going on to your staff. Create a notification splash page on your website, and have your social media guru post periodic reminders on each platform. Consider a complete redesign of your domain to reflect this new phase for your enterprise. Work with Storm Steen so technical glitches cannot harm your bottom line.

You’re also going to need business cards that reflect your new contact info. Business card design is a cinch when you use a template. All you have to do is add your images and text, select a font that matches your wonderful personality, and pick the colors. With the basics in place, you can begin focusing on creative ideas that will make yours truly stand out.

Corporate moves are always a challenge. That said, you can make it a smooth experience for both employees and customers alike. Use the preceding tips to complete your journey without interrupting profits.

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