I was thinking of you in the shower this morning…

You were running through my mind, during my morning shower.

After I had stepped in, let my hair down, decided I could go another day without shampoo, tied my hair back up and then looked down at my legs, contemplating if I should shave or wait for lockdown to lift so I can get to a much-needed waxing session (spoiler alert: I’m still rocking the Chewbaka look), I got all reflective…

If you know me, you will understand that gardening has never been my strong point.

Like, what’s the opposite of a green thumb?
I’ve got that.I even killed a cactus once!

Despite knowing this about myself, I have spent the last month trying to grow my own fruit, veg and herbs. 
I have saved the seeds, watched all the YouTube videos and have a selection of dirt-filled tubs, sitting on my kitchen windowsill. 
I have been watering these little dirt tubs, talking to them, moving them around to get the most sun, and still… by Monday (3 weeks in), there was not even a glimmer of sprouting, from any of my dirt tubs 🙁 I was ready to give up…

Then – Tuesday morning – I’m washing my coffee mug and happen to look up…
I little leaf, sprouting out of my tomato tub!
I got so excited that I ran into the RAP Workshop and started building ridiculous amounts of planting boxes for my new balcony food-forest, because obviously I’m a farmer now?
Is this what adulthood feels like?

I made a trip to Spar and bought parsley and coriander seeds, came home, built MORE boxes, ate some grapes for lunch, saved the seeds, because OBVIOUSLY I am going to plant those too…
And that is what my week has become.   

Fast forward to me in the shower, reflecting on my week.
So, there I am, looking at my paint-stained hands, feeling all proud of myself.
Three weeks waiting for something to sprout felt like a lifetime.
In fact, I nearly chucked all my little dirt pots out on Monday!

On Monday, I felt like a failure. 
Like I would never be able to grow anything.
But, Tuesday came and I was the best farmer EVER!

That’s when I thought of you…

You might be having a Monday?
Hell, you might be having a month of Mondays?
But success could be just one more day away.

It can be disheartening to feel like you are putting so much effort into growing something, like your business or a pot plant, and not seeing any results. 
Especially when you are trying your best to nurture it and so desperately want your efforts to bear fruits. 

Very often, you will be tempted to chuck it all out and move on.

That feeling is heartbreaking, but it’s the feeling that happens just before the turning point.
Your Tuesday will come and you will see your dream starting to sprout, one leaf at a time.

Success doesn’t happen overnight.
And neither does growth, whether it’s business or pot plants.
Times may seem tough now, but your Tuesday’s coming.
Then, you’re going to get so excited that nothing can stop your continued growth!

Warm regards

A.K.A. An actual fucking farmer, bitches!

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