Real Talk – Connect to customers through stories, not sales!

Storytelling is how I worked with companies like Google, Facebook and the UN. They help me run Thailand’s leading technology academy and they are now helping me revitalise our design agency (with a little help from the amazing Storm!) So do you want your brand to be 22 times more memorable?

If you have the cure for cancer, why keep it a secret?

If the cure for cancer existed, but the doctors didn’t tell you about it because they didn’t want to seem pushy, would you be relieved, or…? If you are not telling people how you can HELP THEM with your business, this is pretty much the same scenario. Obviously, hard sales pitches are about as appealing […]

If Facebook were your Mother In-Law

Have you ever imagined Facebook as a person? Facebook is like the mother in-law that you have to grin and bear because you know she’s going to help with that dream house that you and your spouse are planning on. Your spouse, in this scenario, is your business. Facebook is complicated and can seem intimidating, […]