Your clients don’t need to know EVERYTHING…

You know how I’m always preaching about using social media to build personal connections with your audience, right?Well, some people take this a little too far… Building relationships and starting conversations on Facebook is ALWAYS going to get you more business action than hard sales.In fact, Facebook has literally been trained to look for posts […]

Facebook and Instagram stories for marketing – your new secret weapon

You know what=? I’m not even going to deny it…Social media has become a sh*t show. It’s literally dog eat dog and all of our businesses are competing with our competitors to try and get one step ahead and get in front of potential customers. Everyone’s trying the same thing (unless you have been to my […]

What to post on Facebook – You are not boring!

You are not boring! With a big focus on my Facebook Marketing Master Class, I’ve been on a war path lately, trying to get my clients to stop selling on Facebook and start telling stories.That’s how you build a loyal following. Your followers don’t care about the specs of your new product. They want to […]

Nobody wants to see your Facebook posts! Here’s why…

Who likes getting unsolicited “flesh banana” pics? Seriously… there is nothing worse than picking up your phone, checking a message and BAM!!!Wobbly man junk! In your face!It’s gross… and offensive. So… WHYYYYYY do you keep doing this to your Facebook page followers? And then you want them to be excited about following your page? Okay, […]

Facebook’s being a bitch again…

Facebook’s being a bitch again…But also not.Let me explain: So, last week, I was sitting with a client in a Facebook training consultation.While trying to explain to her the importance of scheduling posts for better performance, I noticed that her page wouldn’t let me schedule posts directly from the home page. “There’s something wrong with […]

If Facebook were your Mother In-Law

Have you ever imagined Facebook as a person? Facebook is like the mother in-law that you have to grin and bear because you know she’s going to help with that dream house that you and your spouse are planning on. Your spouse, in this scenario, is your business. Facebook is complicated and can seem intimidating, […]