Speed of implementation defines your rate of success

Why are champagne breakfasts not more of a regular thing?I would totally be okay with being one on “those” women.Especially on Mondays!Maybe we should start a movement? Speaking of movement…One of the best “mottos” that was ever handed down to me, by a mentor, is: “Speed of implementation defines your rate of success” And I […]

Step in to my office – 6 things nobody tells you about Freelancing

Step into my office… Today, it’s the beautiful seaside village of St Francis Bay. From here, I can answer my emails, work on reports and even get some design work done. Yes, freelancing does sound amazing, when put across from this point of view, but it’s not just fun and games. Sometimes, working for yourself […]

It’s not a client, it’s a ghost! A ghost that needs a contract…

What’s worse than a crappy client?I’ll tell you… A seemingly awesome client that GHOSTS you! For freelancers and small businesses, this happens. ALL. THE. TIME.You do the work, send an invoice for payment or a request for feedback and POOF! The client disappears into thin air. You’re trying to schedule them into your busy workload and […]

The best things in life are NOT free…

The expression, “The best things in life are free”, may indeed be true, but not when it comes to business! Remember, in the business world, you get what you pay for… “Put it on your portfolio” Imagine you own a hair salon. What would you do if a client came in, asked for a colour, […]