We don’t need no education…

I was watching a YouTube documentary last night about teen millionaires.
Yes – actual teenagers that have leveraged the advancements in modern technology to build a business and now pay their parents’ salaries.
And I think that’s fucking amazing!

During the interviews with these 15-18 year old business owners, they were asked about their views on how their (current) schooling had helped them.
The feedback was unanimous:
It hadn’t.

The education system as we know it is no longer relevant.

In fact, even without the dismal 33% pass rate in South Africa, it’s still failing us!

You know when things changed?
With the internet.

Gary Vaynerchuk (famous author and entrepreneur) expresses how the internet makes information a commodity, yet the school system requires the memorization and regurgitation of information.
It’s outdated, globally!

Schools embrace and encourage sports, yet there are no after school programs to encourage the mentoring or cultivation of small businesses.
Shouldn’t that be the direction we are headed, especially in today’s economic climate?

Entrepreneurship and the schooling system don’t go together.

In fact, LIFE and the schooling system don’t go together, these days…

The greatest companies in the world have caught on and are no longer even requiring a degree to get a cushy job there.

I remember my family pushing me to get a university qualification “to fall back on”…
To fall back on what?
Even universities are falling short of teaching students the real skills that they need to survive out there.
Heck, I racked up R60k in student loans, studying Video Technology, only to drop out in the 11th hour and decide I was going into a marketing position.

You know what happened?
I completed my marketing diploma AFTER I had been in the game for 7 years.
And most of it was bullshit that will never be put to use in the real world.
Yet, we keep throwing our money at a system that is failing us to walk out with a piece of paper to say that we are prepared.
Yeah… prepared like lambs to the slaughter.

The worst hire I ever made was a marketing student that had graduated top of her class.

On paper, she was amazing.
In practice, she had no idea what she was doing.
Her degree had brainwashed her into thinking SWOT analysis and 3 year marketing plans were things that actually worked, while these practices haven’t actually been relevant in the last decade.
Asking her to forget what she had drilled into her head over the course of three years was near impossible and I had to let her go.

In a world that is ever-changing, shouldn’t the education system be too?

This is precisely why I started putting together courses and retreats with real and practical teachings that actually work.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution for any business, but it’s important to know how to jump in and see what works.

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