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for badass businesses with bigass personality

- Hey, Badass!

Don’t let crappy design hold you back

Your brand needs a little attitude – you need a brand and website that communicate with your audience in a way that makes them listen. Even better, in a way that makes them want more of you…

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3 steps to work with us

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A 30-minute Zoom session, so that we can get to know you and your business. Bring your own champagne and tiaras!

Get your personalized proposal

We’ll do a full evaluation of your needs and deliver a personalized proposal to help you reach your goals.

Make the internet your bitch!

Once we have the “YAAASSS!” from you, we go ahead and start working our magic, keeping you in the loop, every step of the way.

- Make clients want you

Branding and websites that convert

Imagine getting more and more clients coming to you, instead of having to hunt them down like wild animals. Doesn’t that sound dreamy? 

Your branding and your website are your best sales agents. 
Get the right ones and you will be able to:

– Get in on the badassery

What we do


  • Company naming and tagline
  • Target audience analysis
  • Brand strategy & design direction
  • Logo design
  • Brand activation pieces
  • Icon design


  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Landing pages
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Automation

Online training

  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • Facebook marketing
  • Social Ads
  • Website audits

- Stockholm syndrome, be gone!

We won’t hold you hostage

Here’s a scary fact:
50% of our clients have come to us AFTER they have been screwed over by another freelancer or design agency.
They have learned the hard way that the cheapest way is not the best way.

And this is not okay!

At Storm Steen, we develop your brand and messaging to create a strategy-based approach that you can use in every aspect of your business.

All of our websites are fully optimized and Google-integrated to help improve your searchability.Lastly, but definitely not least, we build a user-friendly editing system into your website so that you can make any small edits and updates in a matter of minutes! We’ll even give you free training.

No more BS or being held hostage by designers and developers.
We will give you everything you need to grow your brand on your own.

– That’s what she said

Feedback from happy clients

  • Rain du Toit
    I love everything so much! you've created the perfect balance of the homemade, personal, friendly feel with it still being extremely professional and it is sooo user friendly! So many websites I've looked through make everything so hard to find and confusing. It's perfect!
    Rain du Toit
    Nature's Favourite
  • Viktoria Urova
    Storm is just amazing in everything she does! I highly recommend her if you need help building your website, branding or copywriting. She is professional, friendly and highly skilled in producing high-quality content.
    Viktoria Urova
    Welcoming Morocco
  • Carl Heaton
    "Branding badassery" - Storm and Skye worked with us on illustrations for our new design consultancy and knocked the design out of the park! Every update was clear, concise and Storm and Skye were wonderful to work with. I cannot recommend Storm and her team enough!
    Carl Heaton
    H+H Works
  • Tracy Margetts
    Storm is an amazing teacher who offers great patience and kindness when guiding her delegates. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Storm Steen on projects, I definitely recommend her for all-things-digital.
    Tracy Margetts
    I heart digital
  • Janet Michaelides
    2 days of gold nuggets gleaned from this amazingly skilled digital marketing and Facebook guru! Thanks so much Storm, can't wait to put what I've learnt into practice.
    Janet Michaelides
    Sensory Coridors
  • Donna Meredith
    Just completed two one day workshops with this kickass Facebook guru. Can honestly say that you will leave her courses inspired. Highly highly recommend. Thanks, Storm! You are amazeballs!
    Donna Meredith
  • Tessa Tanner
    Most informative 2 days. Storm is an amazing teacher of all things marketing and the venue was spectacular too! Thank you! Can’t wait to learn more...
    Tessa Tanner
    Busy Sprogs
  • Madelaine Zimmermann
    Your course is fabulous! I feel like I am learning a whole new language! I can see the appeal in empowering people - transforming a whole room from 'doff to dynamic'
    Madelaine Zimmermann
  • Patricia Wood
    Thank you so much Storm for an amazing Facebook Masterclass workshop! So much useful information and a good few laughs! 🏅
    Patricia Wood
    For the love of Design
  • Leandri Osborne
    Last week I did a one on one video consulting course with Storm and learnt SO MUCH from her! This woman is a powerhouse of Ninja skills and I am so grateful she is willing to share her skills and knowledge. Definitely worth learning from Storm!
    Leandri Osborne
    Bodotex SA
  • Wilna Venter
    Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to have a one on one video session with you. Thank you for all your advice and everything that I know I have learned from you. Your knowledge and tips and lifehacks are just mind-blowing! It felt like I've hit a brick wall and you just explained everything to me in one session! I can't wait for the next workshop here in Durban!
    Wilna Venter
    Life Coach
  • Jal
    If you own a business Facebook page or website, Storm is the person to show you the ropes. How do you integrate social media into your marketing campaign? Don't hesitate, book a course now and find out!
    Seal Point Estates
  • Terri Hutchings
    I just completed Storms 'Internet Marketing Master Class for Business Owners' graciously hosted by Storm in her home in St Francis. It was amazing! Endless cups of coffee, snacks to keep the brain focused, then a divine lunch delivered by Tails and Thyme, a warm seat in the sun on her stoep... Oh, and 10 years of digital advances crammed into 1 day 🤣🤣🤣 The course was well structured and we were also given workbooks to keep, which means at least I can google some of the concepts and things I learned to make sure im still with it 🤪 Im a trained graphic designer with 10 years working experience, and in one day, Storm helped me better understand this digital world that seems to be replacing the one I grew up in. If you have your own business(or even are running FB pages etc for other people) and feel like you living under a rock compared to the rest when it comes to social media, then this course is definitely for you. Thanks Storm, I feel current for the first time in years 🤣
    Terri Hutchings
    Graphic Designer
  • Jennifer Manser
    I have just spent the day with Storm Steen, attending the Kickass Online Marketing Course. Wow, I would definitely recommend attending one of her workshops. So much knowledge and energy to absorb from Storm. I loved the tell-it-like-is discussions and knowing exactly what to do next! Thank you Storm,
    Jennifer Manser
    Kouga Print
  • Kelly
    I am in awe of Storms work. She has gone above and beyond my expectations. I sent her a small brief on my ideas and she ran with it and made my little dream a reality. She is so easy to work with and advises you on everything you need to know or any queries you have. Her creative brain is unlike any other. I have tried many marketing companies but Storm has by far impressed me most. I highly recommend this company. She also provides some good laughs along the way 😂
  • Anne
    It just blows my mind how one single workshop and meeting with local marketing super guru, Storm, re-wired my brain... All I can think of is advertising and how to do it better!
    Bard'au & Co
  • Tarryn
    Just had a consultation with the one and only Storm Steen. My brand is now defined, and I can finally create my sites with engaging content and a lot of clarity. Thanks for your guidance digital nomad!
    Travelling Toes
  • Karl Benn
    So, I got dropped big time on a design job I had outsourced to a graphic designer friend of mine (well ex-friend!). Deposit paid, no work done, 1 month wasted, client, breathing down my neck and she literally dropped off the map! I was referred to Storm in a state having to catch up on a months work with a very tight budget. Even though I had never met Storm in person and had no idea where she was based, I felt an immediate calm as Storm took charge of the situation. The job was handled with such efficiency and professionalism it was staggering! I was able to deliver the job to my client without him even suspecting a thing had gone wrong!! Storm is a rare gift to the industry and I can honestly say that in the 25 years that I’ve been working, I’ve encountered few companies that are willing to go the extra mile like Storm Steen has done! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
    Karl Benn
    Benn Media
  • Robyn Rohm
    Thank you to Storm Steen and Tarryn Jolly for their incredible contribution - Check out our new look Yellowwood Forest website and video - Grateful thanks for their professional audit of our needs and then summing us up perfectly! We'd love to keep you all to ourselves but then you wouldn't be Gypsies or Travelling Toes...folks book these ladies quickly! they have worked miracles for us.Thank you!!!!
    Robyn Rohm
    Yellowwood Forest
  • Andy Fink
    Storm contacted us to come and help us with our branding, which we were in desperate need of. Before she even arrived she did her homework and came prepared with a whole new image for our brand. She was absolutely phenomenal! Not only did she listen to everything we had in mind, she took all of those ideas and built on it and made it better than we could ever have hoped for. She redesigned our website, our Facebook, our brochures and our business cards. She did all of this in under a week! In that very week, our Facebook reach has already jumped up 360% and the inquiries are rolling in! We highly recommend her and advise anyone to grab hold of the opportunity to make use of her services when it presents itself. She is a hardworking and she is filled with tons of ideas, it was an absolute pleasure to have her as part of the Mantis family! Kind regards, Andy Fink Owner – Mantis and Moon Backpackers Lodge
    Andy Fink
    Mantis & Moon
  • Phil Keye
    I am the owner of Infinity Tribe, a youth development company. I must say, Storms designs have been unbelievable! From flyers, to logos, to facebook banners, to email signatures... Her speed and professionalism is world class! I highly recommend Storm Steen to anyone who is serious about uplifting their brand!
    Phil Keye
    Infinity Tribe
  • Hi Storm Just wanted to say thanks for the grueling Facebook seminar/tutorial. It was: * Informative (just the right balance of facts’n’stats and street-fight talk) *Inspirational (even if I haven’t actually yet put anything you told me into practice – still cogitato, capice) *Incredible value for money (see what I did there – all the I’s) Hope to stay in touch; if only to see if you agree it was money well spent on my part. Cheers Gary Gilbert at Waterberry Park
    Gary Gilbert
    Waterberry Park