Make the internet your B*tch!

Branding and websites for badass bosses with bigass personality

If you want a branding and web design that says

“Yaaasss Queen!”

Then you’re probably in the right place...

I design bold, fierce and fabulous branding and websites for fearless humans that aren’t afraid to be seen and make their voices heard. For the rebels, the wave-makers and the weirdos that want to make their mark on the world and leave it sucking a whole lot less than when they started.

Cool Sh*T

I’ve let loose on the world recently

Word Magic Copywriting

Full branding, web design and development

A full brand strategy and design direction with a membership website to boot! This spunky copywriter got the full shebang of interweb gangsterism.

Theora Moench

Full branding, web design and development

Theora wanted to re-invent herself and her personal branding to showcase her diverse personality, podcast and ethical business and relationship coaching services. I teamed up with Choose Love Design to make it happen!

Amy Natalie Co.

Web design and development

Amy  needed a custom WordPress website with some added “Oomph” for her new brand and growing podcast. I got to dig deep and build a cool custom post type library to showcase Amy’s podcast episodes in a way that was sexy yet organized…

I made you a free thing!

How to write website copy that actually Ranks on Google

Creating branding and websites for rebels, wave-makers and weirdos

(Who may also be a little sweary)


I want to hear about your dreams so that we can build with the intention of growth. If you don't have a clear goal, how do we build fo it?

LGBTQ+ allies

Kindness, inclusivity and diversity make the world more spicy - just the way I like it! Bigots need not apply.

Fearless leaders

Coaches, podcasters, creators and trend-setters that want to spread their magic like dollar bills in a strip club.

Uncut Diamonds

Our messy, funky, weird-and-wonderfulness makes us more relatable. I'll show you mine if you show me yours?

People who give a f%ck

If you're a human that genuinely cares about making the world a less crappy place to live, I want to help you do it.

Hey, Homeslice!

I'm Storm

brand strategist • Interweb gangster • aspiring mermaid • houseplant murderer

I whip out my brightest post-it notes and glittered heart stickers whenever anyone calls me to do what I love most: make the internet my bitch! I use my superpowers to build bold, beautiful brands and create whimsical websites for rebellious go-getters.

Certified brand strategist, web developer and digital badass, I’ve have had the great opportunity to learn from some of the world’s leading business minds – including Roger Hamilton, founder of Entrepreneur Resorts, and George Ross, Donald Trump’s right-hand man. After paying my dues in the corporate world, I now spend my days helping badasses (like you) elevate their branding and websites, training digital fledglings and corporate go-getters at Thailand’s leading tech school, and drinking way more chai latte than one human probably should.