Howzit! I'm Storm!

Tattooed smartass, Interweb Gangster and Small Business Educator

I help fearless freelancers and energetic entrepreneurs in South Africa jump into their big-girl business panties by teaching them to achieve big-agency results with a small business budget.

Raw and real digital education for fearless freelancers and energetic entrepreneurs who are trying to find their way and are SCARED SHITLESS!

If your new business is not making money online and your digital presence sucks and Facebook makes you want to cry, you've landed in the right place...

Meet your new best friend... Well, if your best friend could be a website where the entirety of my brain is strewn across the pages. I'm going to teach you how to take charge of your small business' online presence.
There is no candy-coating here. Brutal honesty, actionable advice and filthy language great online courses is all you will find. Basically, the aim of the game is to give your small business and startups a bunch of big advertising agency results! Without the fluff and ridiculously expensive packages. Doesn't that sound awesome?

Make the internet your bitch

Courses, resources and training to fit your time and budget

Who the hell am I?

Well, I'm Storm... the tattooed, smart-ass digital nomad and interweb gangster

I shed my corporate skin in 2016 to dye my hair blue, travel and do whatever I want (so far, so good). My special gifts with all things online keep my bank account going so that I can see one amazing destination after another.
BUT I'm getting sick of working on other people's businesses! So, I decided to put all my knowledge down and share it with you instead of sell my services for top dollar to companies that have the financial resources to go somewhere else. You're welcome! I know you're going to love this!