Hey, Homeslice!

I'm Storm...

The interweb gangster behind the branding and website magic

I run my little boutique branding agency so that my team of unicorns and I can work with authentic human beings, avoid the big agency BS, and bring some magic into the world. 

Storm Steen Digital Branding Agency for coaches, speakers and podcasters
Once upon a time...

I dreamed of being a

Warrior Princess

For real. In second grade, for our career dress-up day – while all the other kids dressed as doctors, vets, and firemen – I dressed up as Xena, Warrior Princess. Today, I’d like to believe that some version of that little girl would be proud of me, donning my blue hair, self-confidence, and the ability to sword fight (should the need ever arise).

My “all-grown-up” version of being a warrior princess is helping other warriors change the world by helping them reach more of it and send out their message. 

branding and website agency for badass unicorns

Certified brand strategist, designer, web developer and

Digital Badass

I’ve had the great opportunity to learn from some of the world’s leading business minds – including Roger Hamilton, founder of Entrepreneur Resorts, and George Ross, Donald Trump’s right-hand man.

After paying my dues in the corporate world, I now spend my days helping badasses (like you) elevate their branding and websites, training digital fledglings and corporate go-getters at Thailand’s leading tech school, and drinking way more chai latte than one human probably should.

I believe in focusing on

Joy and Authenticity

For more than a decade, I worked with international film festivals, award-winning agencies and soul-sucking corporates that turned me into a stressed-out mess with a giant stick up my bum.

It took my life as I knew it falling apart for me to take a step back and reassess my priorities.

I was no longer prepared to walk around in a suit and a pair of heels that had me in physical pain all day long.

I wanted to dye my hair whatever colour I freaking wanted. (Clearly I’m a natural blue?)

I wanted to laugh with my clients and enjoy the projects I was working on.

Most of all, I wanted to do the things that feed my soul and give the big ol’ finger to anything that didn’t bring me joy.

If you're a spunky joy-hunter, we're going to get along just fine...