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Branding and websites for badass bosses with bigass personality

Storm Steen Digital branding and website design
Define your kickass message for your target audience
Get brand visuals that you make you go "Ooooh!!!"
Edit, manage and maintain your own website

If you want a branding and web design that screams


Then you’re probably in the right place...

I design bold, fierce and fabulous branding and websites for fearless humans that aren’t afraid to be seen and make their voices heard. For the rebels, the wave-makers and the weirdos that want to make their mark on the world and leave it sucking a whole lot less than when they started.

I made you some free sh*t!

Branding and website resources

A collection of DIY guides, checklists and templates to help you get your branding and website game on fleek.

Creating branding and websites for

Rebels Wave-Makers Weirdos

(Who may also be a little sweary)


I want to hear about your dreams so that we can build with the intention of growth. If you don’t have a clear goal, how do we build for it?

Open minded Allies

Kindness, inclusivity and diversity make the world more spicy – just the way I like it! Bigots need not apply.

Fearless Leaders

Coaches, podcasters, creators and trend-setters that want to spread their magic like dollar bills in a strip club.

Uncut Diamonds

Our messy, funky, weird-and-wonderfulness makes us more relatable. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?

People who give a f*ck

If you’re a human that genuinely cares about making the world a less crappy place to live, I want to help you do it.

Hey, Homeslice!

I'm Storm


I whip out my brightest post-it notes and glittered heart stickers whenever anyone calls me to do what I love most: make the internet my bitch! I use my superpowers to build bold, beautiful brands and create whimsical websites for rebellious go-getters.


from some cool humans

Love love love working with you and what you’ve created for me. 1st Page of Google in a damn week?!?! WHO DOES THAT?!?! WE DID!!!! BOOM!!! *mic drop*

Crystal Adair-Benning
Word Magic Copywriting

Storm is the most talented, incredible human on this planet!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I was giving up on my website until you stepped in and made it your b*tch!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Andy Ording
Sourced 4 Paws

Absolutely love what you created for my website. And have sooo enjoyed getting to know you more through the workshops ❤️

Amy Pamenki
Amy Natalie Co.