Web design Badass Bootcamp

Learn to build your own website (without coding) in 8 weeks!

learn to Design and develop your own WordPress website

With no code or previous experience

Have you ever looked at a kickass website and wished that you had the budget or the knowledge to build something kickass for your own brand?

Well, Homeslice… then this might be exactly what you’ve been waiting for!

You can have it all!

Your website can have all of this:

Feel empowered to do it yourself!

(And save yourself a butt-ton of cash)

In just 8 weeks (and a fraction of the price of a website built by yours truly) you can build your own website with the confidence and pzazz of a professional web designer.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Bite-sized lessons for 8 weeks

Every Tuesday, we will meet for a live 2 hour class, covering the below topics. Your “homework” will then be to practice what we’ve learned. Yu’ll even have access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can replay past lessons, ask questions and showcase your badassery with the group!

Week 1 - Strategy

Your website game plan, decide what you'll need, gather content and find inspiration.

Week 2 - User experience

Mapping out your website content and defining how your user will move through your site.

Week 3 - SEO

How to plan your content so that your website and Google can be besties

Week 4 - Design

An introduction to web design, best practices and how to use the software.

Week 5 - Design

Diving deeper into layouts, functionality and special effects.

Week 6 - WordPress

How to set it up, how it works and how to find your way around.

Week 7 - Development

A crash course in Elementor and bringing your design to life.

Week 8 - Development

Hooking up your website with Google and getting ready to launch!

But is it right for you?

And what happens if it's a load of crap?

This bootcamp is perfect for you if you want to build your own website or even get a foot in the door to start a career in web design. 

You will be empowered to build a basic website from scratch – including a blog! 

*Note that specialized functionality (like online shopping or online courses) will not be covered in this bootcamp. 

For the duration of our 8 weeks together, you should allocate at least 5 hours a week to working on your website. Live lessons will be 2 hours long, every Tuesday, at 9am EST.

All lessons will be recorded with replays posted on the private Facebook group so that you can go back and watch them whenever you like… as many times as you like.

I’m so confident that this bootcamp is going to blow your mind, that I’m putting a FULL REFUND on the table! If you have attended all classes, done your homework and do not find the teaching or information has helped you by the end of April 2023, you get your money back.

*No refunds will be given for sick dogs, kids, man flu or laziness.

Meet your Instructor

I'm Storm

brand strategist • Interweb gangster • aspiring mermaid • houseplant murderer

I whip out my brightest post-it notes and glittered heart stickers whenever anyone calls me to do what I love most: make the internet my bitch! I use my superpowers to build bold, beautiful brands and create whimsical websites for rebellious go-getters.

Certified brand strategist, web developer and digital badass, I’ve have had the great opportunity to learn from some of the world’s leading business minds – including Roger Hamilton, founder of Entrepreneur Resorts, and George Ross, Donald Trump’s right-hand man. After paying my dues in the corporate world, I now spend my days helping badasses (like you) elevate their branding and websites, training digital fledglings and corporate go-getters at Thailand’s leading tech school, and drinking way more chai latte than one human probably should.

What's the damage?

I hear you… you want to know when this is happening, how much it costs and what’s included. Well, here it is: 

Web design Badass Bootcamp

Dates to be announced
$999 USD
  • Access to private Facebook group
  • All workbooks and cheat sheets
  • Weekly live lessons
  • Full training in design and development software
  • Dedicated development hosting for building your website
  • Priority personal support for the duration of the bootcamp