5 Branding lessons from Disney’s Encanto

It’s easy to feel like you don’t fit in when you haven’t found your purpose. The takeaway I got from this is how important it is to share your journey once you have. Be a lighthouse for others and help guide the other weirdos. These are your people – and they’ll be your biggest supporters.

I was thinking of you in the shower this morning…

You were running through my mind, during my morning shower.
After I had stepped in, let my hair down, decided I could go another day without shampoo, tied my hair back up and then looked down at my legs, contemplating if I should shave or wait for lockdown to lift so I can get to a much-needed waxing session (spoiler alert: I’m still rocking the Chewbaka look), I got all reflective…

Speed of implementation defines your rate of success

Why are champagne breakfasts not more of a regular thing?I would totally be okay with being one on “those” women.Especially on Mondays!Maybe we should start a movement? Speaking of movement…One of the best “mottos” that was ever handed down to me, by a mentor, is: “Speed of implementation defines your rate of success” And I […]

Practice safe (marketing) sex with royalty free images

Marketing is sort of like sex…If you do it the wrong way or with the wrong people, the consequences can be pretty severe. Right now, you’re probably thinking “What is this crazy chick on about?”, right? Let me paint the picture for you (because you KNOW I love using awkward analogies): Google images are NOT free… So, […]

A Letter to non-paying clients

Dear non-paying client I have a number of clients that I absolutely love, but you are not one of them. Your R5 000 bill with my small business may not seem like much, but what makes you assume that you are the only asshole client I am dealing with?I have come to the realization that […]