Mangala Holland Branding and Design Case Study

Case Study: That one time I designed a vagina logo…

We're diving into the story of how I teamed up with Choose Love Design Agency in Hawaii to create a brand that's as sexy, confident, and downright orgasmic as it gets.

Quick Jump

Meet Mangala Holland, a sexual wellbeing coach and self-proclaimed “Orgasm Expert” based in the UK. Mangala was ready to shed her old branding like a snake sheds its skin and step into something that truly embodied her essence. And let me tell you, it was a wild ride from start to finish!

Partnering with Choose Love Design Agency

I’m really blessed to work with white label and referral partners all over the world. It keeps my projects diverse and my skills sharp, and also means I get to work with badasses all over the world! 

With Choose Love by my side, we set out on a mission to revamp Mangala’s brand from top to bottom. From strategy to design, we left no stone unturned in our quest to unleash Mangala’s inner goddess.

Crafting a Bold Brand Strategy

Mangala wanted a brand that screamed sexy, bold, and confident—so that’s exactly what we gave her. We honed in on the pleasure principle and crafted messaging centered around “Release Your Orgasmic Potential.” With a color palette featuring rich reds, deep charcoals, and crisp gold, we struck the perfect balance between passion, stability, and class.

Designing the Iconic Vagina Logo

Mangala Holland Logo Design

We knew we had to create something that would spark that fiery passion and visually convey Mangala’s message of igniting pleasure. So, we took the plunge and turned the vagina into a flame, using gold and charcoal as the main colors to add that extra oomph

Building the Website of Dreams

Let’s just say my Google search history took a hit during this phase! But with bold reds, feminine curves, and strategic call-to-action buttons, we crafted a website that was as alluring as it was functional. From book-a-call buttons to lead magnet downloads, we made sure Mangala’s website was a powerhouse for building her email list and connecting with her audience.

Mangala Holland Website Design

The Joy of a Reborn Brand

When Mangala saw her new brand come to life, she was over the moon. “Both beautiful and functional,” she exclaimed. It was an absolute joy to witness the birth of this new brand – one that truly reflected who Mangala is and where she’s headed.

So there you have it, folks – the story of how we turned Mangala’s old branding into something that’s as spicy and sensational as a night in paradise. And as for that vagina logo? Let’s just say it’s a logo that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. 🌺

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