Should I say I or We on my website

Should I use “I” or “We” on my website?

Whether you're a solo superstar or the ringmaster of a tiny circus, it's time to let your peeps know who's boss. And lucky for you, I've got three fab ways to do just that.

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You know, I’ve come across so many coaches, writers, podcasters, speakers, and personal brands with killer websites. They’ve got the clever headlines, the irresistible CTAs, and all the right elements in place. But there’s often one thing missing…

Who’s Behind Your Brand?

Ever landed on a website that screams, “We’re your success partner” or “Our services elevate you” but there’s no hint of who “we” really is?

Well, homeslice, that’s a big no-no. Because here’s the deal:

Clients want to know who they’re dealing with

It’s your job to spill the beans.

Sure, you can throw around the “we” lingo, even if it’s just you and a few trusty sidekicks (like me!). But remember, clients might think you’re:

a) A big-shot agency with fat overheads, or
b) An overwhelmed solo act who’s never off the clock.

And trust me, they’ll fill in the blanks with whatever suits their mood that day.

So, how do you let them peek behind the curtain without dragging them to your about page kicking and screaming? Here are three sassy ways to spill the tea on your homepage:

1. A Founder’s Note

Picture this: A personal note straight from the boss babe herself. Yup, even if it’s just you, solo dolo.

Sprinkle in a pic and a cheeky paragraph, then send ’em off to your about/team page for the full scoop. Simple, right?

You can check out my Homepage to see how I did this.

2. Team Infographic

Now, when I started expanding, I thought, “Do I gotta switch from ‘me’ to ‘we’ on my site?” Nah. I just called it “Storm and her merry band of little unicorns.”

Because let’s face it, clients wanna know if you’re a one-woman show or a whole dang circus. No surprises, just good vibes.

3. A Video of YOU!

Picture this: Your gorgeous face gracing the homepage, dishing out the deets about your mission, your mojo, and why you’re the bomb diggity.

It’s like selling before you’ve even picked up the phone. And who doesn’t love a head start?

So, which one’s calling your name?

Whichever it is, slap it on your site like it’s the last slice of pizza at a party. Trust me, it’ll turn heads and wallets.

Time to show the world who’s boss!

Catch you on the flip side, Badass Unicorn. ✨


The head honcho and creative mind behind Storm Steen Digital

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