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What’s your Brand Season?

Brand Seasons are like the star signs of branding. Each season has different personality traits, colour palette characteristics, brand values, interests and even font styles!

Quick Jump

During the Brand Strategy process, one of the first things I do is allocate the brand I’m working with it’s very own brand season. Think of it like playing Frankenstein, but with less lightning and more marketing. Almost like horoscopes, but for business.

Brand seasons give you a good idea of the base tone, look and feel of your business entity so that you can connect effectively with your audience. So grab your lab coats and your creativity, because we’re about to give your brand a personality that’ll make even Dr. Jekyll jealous.

Take a look at the four brand seasons below.
The odds are that you resonate really heavily with at least one of them.
So which brand season are you?


Ah, Spring, the personality equivalent of a freshly bloomed flower. This one’s one of my favourites, because the Storm Steen Digital brand is a Spring personality!

Bursting with creativity, energy and inspiration, Spring is like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day. With a warm and approachable vibe, this personality is the life of the party and always up for a good time.

Spring is the friend you call when you need a pick-me-up, and they always know just what to say to brighten your day. Their love of clarity and simplicity means they’re excellent communicators, so if you want to get your message across, let Spring do the talking.

When it comes to style, Spring is all about softness and delicacy, with light and bright colours that scream “I’m here to have fun!” Think circles and curves for shapes, and smooth textures with a hint of shimmer. And when it comes to photography, Spring is all about those bright, light-filled shots that make you want to frolic in a field of daisies.

If you want to add a touch of Spring to your brand, just remember: keep it light, keep it fun, and don’t take yourself too seriously!


The Summer personality is the equivalent of a perfectly chilled glass of rosé on a warm afternoon. Graceful, elegant, and oh-so-organized, Summer is the kind of friend who always has their sh*t together. They’re intuitive, creative, and amazing in a caring role – basically, they’re the ultimate multitasker.

Summer is all about the finer things in life, so you won’t catch them running around in neon colors or flashy patterns. No, Summer prefers a cool, muted colour palette with a touch of grey.

Think flowing lines, floaty imagery, and a softness of tone that’s downright dreamy. And when it comes to fonts, Summer opts for timeless elegance over faddish trends. A mix of flowing handwriting and traditional serif typefaces will do the trick.

As for patterns, Summer loves a soft, faded, and loose look – nothing too structured or rigid.

If you want to add a touch of Summer to your brand, just remember: keep it cool, keep it classy, and always have a plan.


Autumn, the personality that’s all about getting back to nature – and doing it with a passion!

With a strong connection to the earth, a love of the past, and a thirst for knowledge, Autumn is like a walking encyclopedia of awesome. They’re not materialistic at all, but they are incredibly ambitious – always looking for ways to do things better, smarter, and more efficiently. Education is key for Autumn, and you’ll often find them buried in books or exploring the arts.

When it comes to style, Autumn is all about warm, intense, and muted colors that feel earthy and organic. Think typefaces with substance, texture, and a tactile quality – none of that wimpy Arial nonsense here. For shapes, Autumn loves a good square with rounded corners – it’s like the cozy blanket of shapes. Patterns are earthy, organic, and substantial – no delicate florals or paisleys for Autumn, thank you very much. They’re all about natural textures, like uncoated paper, recycled materials, rough-hewn wood, and coarse linen.

If you want to add a touch of Autumn to your brand, just remember: go organic, go natural, and go big or go home!


Winter, the season of extremes – it’s like a fashionista on steroids! It’s all about drama, opulence, cutting-edge style, and luxurious vibes. But, hold up, it’s also grounded, understated, modest, and minimalist? What’s up with that? Well, the Winter personality is a paradox, my friend – but in the best possible way.

Highly focused on the task at hand, Winters are all about the big picture and drilling down into the nitty-gritty details. They’re the ones who rock high-end fashion, luxury cars, and swanky holidays, and they’re also the ones who know how to handle your finances like a boss.

When it comes to Winter style, think bright, intense, and clear colours with a coolness about them – kind of like the Winter personality itself. Geometric shapes, clean lines, and an uncluttered, intentional look are essential in creating a strong Winter vibe. And, let’s not forget about black – Winter is the only personality that can pull it off! It’s strong, dynamic, luxurious, and market-leading – just like the Winter personality.

To add some Winter magic to your brand, get ready to embrace the extreme, go all-out, and show off your bold and luxurious side!


The head honcho and creative mind behind Storm Steen Digital

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